4 Acne Treatments To Try If You’re Breaking Out

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There is nothing worse than experiencing a huge acne breakout just before a date, event, or photo opportunity! 

Acne is caused by pores becoming blocked with sebum (excess oil), dirt, and bacteria. However, it is often triggered by hormonal factors. This is why teenagers often have the most problematic skin, and women often have outbreaks at certain phases of their menstrual cycle

Where you experience spots can indicate the cause. Hormonal acne often manifests on the chin or around the mouth, whereas acne around the forehead is often excess of oil and requires a change in skincare routine.

Fear not though, this article will guide you through a few acne treatments you can try if you are experiencing an acne breakout.

Skincare Routine

Having a good skincare routine is crucial not only for stopping the spread of bacteria to uninfected pores (causing more spots) but also for prevention in the first place.

You should cleanse daily (ideally twice), using a good quality facial wash that thoroughly removes makeup and dirt. If you’re suffering from a breakout, choosing a wash that contains salicylic acid is also going to help you fight it! 

Toning is also important, as it helps close the pores after cleansing. This will stop further debris from clogging the pores. In addition, you should rinse your face in cold (not warm) water, as this also helps you close the pores after cleansing.

Moisturising is good for your skin and helps prevents aging, so you don’t want to skip this step, but if you are prone to breakouts, you should choose a very light moisturiser, or one specially formulated for blemished skin.

You should also add some additional steps to your skincare routine. A good exfoliant is a spot’s worst nightmare. It scrubs away dead skin cells and stops them from clogging pores, so you should also aim to exfoliate at least once or twice per week. 

Tea Tree

Tea tree is a more natural alternative to chemical-based spot treatments. You can buy it in products such as facial washes and moisturisers or get it in its purest oil form.

The oil is extremely useful for treating acne by dabbing on spots when you can just feel them under the skin (before the head forms) and in many cases can stop the bacteria from multiplying and creating a head if applied liberally enough over a couple of days. 

LED Therapy

LED is a fairly new skincare trend, but the devices are now much cheaper to purchase than they were two years ago. Different colour lights penetrate the skin layers at different depths and create varying results, so LED can be used for acne, aging, pigmentation, and scarring. 

Blue light is often used for acne treatments as it penetrates the skin at the right depth to fight bacteria. 

Of course, at-home devices are not as strong as clinical devices, but it’s still a great option for preventing/treating breakouts. 


If all else fails dermatologist acne treatment is the next step. Dermatologists like the ones at Stratum Dermatology Clinics are trained in dealing with skin complaints such as treating acne. They will help you put a treatment plan in place that is unique to you. There are Stratum dermatology clinics in several locations, including Harley Street and Manchester.

The great thing about dermatologists is they have access to much stronger tools such as lasers and prescription medications if needed, so you can rest assured they will help you find a solution.

Acne can knock your confidence, but by taking matters into your own hands and seeking treatment you can learn how to both treat and prevent further outbreaks as much as possible. 

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