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Keeping well allows us to do the things we love. It means we can work and go to school, as well as enjoy the activities that makes us happy. 

If you’re like me, you have tried all sorts of multi-vitamins in the hope of keeping your family healthier. But recently I have come across Wellmune® a research-supported yeast beta glucan, Wellmune® is an ingredient used by functional food, beverage and supplement makers to create healthy lifestyle products with immune benefits, and through this have learnt some fantastic things about how our immune system works and how to help support our immune health.  

What are Yeast Beta Glucan?

Firstly, did you know that 70% of your immune system exists in your gut? I didn’t until recently and I think that’s pretty interesting. What you eat and digest really matters. 

Yeast beta glucans can be a powerful ingredient to help support your immune system. You can find yeast beta glucans in certain fortified foods, immunity shots, bars, protein powders, fruity waters and supplements, making it really easy to incorporate them into your everyday life. 

But not all are the same. First, let’s look at how they work. 

How Do Yeast Beta Glucans Help Your Immune System?

How certain yeast beta glucans work is quite fascinating. Your immune system is a really complex system that lives in balance with your body. You might see things advertised that can ‘boost’ your immune system, but actually you do not want to do that, as boosting it can take it out of balance.

Yeast beta glucans supports the healthy function of your immune system. It also ‘primes’ your immune system. Which means the yeast beta glucan can help your immune system be more prepared and ready to act more effectively. 

Here’s a handy video to show you how they work.

Why Wellmune? 

As mentioned, not all yeast beta glucans work this way. The key is to look for Wellmune, because:

  1. Wellmune is Scientifically Backed

Don’t just take my word for it., Wellmune has shown all of this through research. A ‘best in class’ yeast beta glucan, Wellmune is backed by over a dozen published, peer-reviewed clinical studies that demonstrate its efficacy and safety.

You can check out their studies on their website.

Can You Not Just Get This in Normal Food?

The short answer is no. Wellmune is made through a process that makes the yeast beta glucan available to your body in a way you cannot get from normal food. 

Is It Safe?

According to research, Wellmune is completely safe. There are no known side effects. It can be taken by anyone at any fitness level over the age of 3. It’s also completely safe to take multiple products containing Wellmune, although 250mg per day is seen as the optimal serving size. 

How Long Does It Take to Work and How Long Should I Take it?

Research shows it takes about 10-14 days for you to see the benefits of using Wellmune and is something you can take every day. Because it’s something you can get in functional foods and beverages, it’s easy to add to your routine.

What Else Can You do to Support Your Immune System?

As well as taking Wellmune regularly, you can do the following things to support your immune system:

  • Eat more fibre
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Manage your stress levels

Not always that easy to do the latter two when you have small children, I know (my youngest thinks 6am is a lie-in), but I guess that’s another good reason to give Wellmune a try!

Where Can You Buy It?

As I mentioned above, you can find Wellmune in a variety of food and beverage products and supplements. Make sure you look for the Wellmune logo to ensure you’re getting the right product. 

In Summary

Wellmune is an amazing yeast beta glucan because it is backed by multiple scientific studies, is safe to take, and because it is found in fortified products all around the world, it is easy to fit into your daily life. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to take it? 

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