Wimbledon: It’s Much More Than Tennis

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Globally, Wimbledon is known for the famous grass-court tennis tournament. However, beyond the glamour of centre-court, Wimbledon has plenty of other attractions to offer when you visit. Below, we explore why you should visit Wimbledon and what to see aside from the tennis.

Buddhapadipa temple

This Thai Buddhist temple was the first of its kind to be built in the UK – and the first outside of Asia. It’s a stunning temple to witness for a start. Featuring tranquil gardens, trees and water features, plus the striking temple itself, the grounds are a supremely relaxing place to visit. On top of this, you can join in with daily classes and meditation. 

Windmill museum

Housed in Wimbledon Windmill, this museum chronicles the history of the mill on Wimbledon Common as well as the history of windmills more widely. The museum covers both floors of the windmill and offers exhibits for both young and old. 

Wimbledon museum

Wimbledon has been blessed with a number of cultural conservationists amongst their residents, and it’s helped contribute towards the museum. The museum features a vast array of items related to Wimbledon itself. Initially, the museum began with resident, Richardson Evans. He began The John Evelyn Club in 1903, naming it in honour of the seventeenth-century diarist and patron saint of conservation. And this is the aim of the museum: to understand and conserve Wimbledon history. 

Loads of independent bars and restaurants 

Wimbledon is blessed with a wealth of quirky, independent bars and restaurants. Whether you fancy going on a different kind of night out, or if you’re just hoping to find a good place for a cool meal out, Wimbledon has something for everyone.

The Norman Plastow Gallery

If you want to take in some art, then Wimbledon is a good place to visit too. The Norman Plastow Gallery is a space for professional and amateur artists alike and has an ever-evolving set of exhibitions going on. Upcoming events feature a look at the relationship between city, country and coast as well as single artists exhibitions. 

Great shopping

Wimbledon is great for shopping too. The High Street offers plenty of headline brands, plus loads of independent craft shops and retailers too. And if you need to refresh yourself in the middle of all your shopping, there are all sorts of different cafes and bakeries as well. Ultimately, Wimbledon has plenty to offer – even if you aren’t visiting for the tennis. From culture and history in its museums and galleries, to a buzzing nightlife with plenty of quirky bars and restaurants, it’s well worth visiting. Just grab your train tickets and you’ll be all set for a great visit!

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