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Like a lot of people, there are some days when I just cannot face cooking. Or I just want a treat and a break from the kitchen. I just want someone else to take care of dinner and take my mind off it. Throughout the pandemic, there is one sector that has boomed and that is the takeaway food market. We love delicious food that we don’t cook ourselves or perhaps are not capable of cooking ourselves. Takeaways are the perfect way to achieve this. But this week I was introduced to a new company called Cook My Grub which delivers delicious food to your door, made at home by talented chefs.

About Cook My Grub

Started in 2019, Cook My Grub is a local business started in Maidenhead that adds a new twist on the takeaway market. It allows local chefs to make food and sell them through their app to local people. This is high-quality food, made from fresh ingredients markets sourced from local food markets. All new chefs are checked and onboarded by the Cook My Grub team. The kitchens are inspected to make sure they achieve all required hygiene standards. 90% of the kitchens reach 5-star and 80% 4-star reviews. So hygiene standards are very high and very important. As is healthy, wholesome and delicious food.

How to Order with Cook My Grub

To order, you need to download the Cook My Grub app. At the moment delivery is available in Berkshire, parts of Buckinghamshire but is expanding all of the time. You simply enter your postcode to see if they can deliver to your area. But Cook My Grub are also looking to expand into London in the near future. So if they can’t deliver yet, keep checking back.

There are all sorts of different foods on the app – Traditional English, Indian, Thai and Turkish as well as a bakery. So there is something for every taste.

They do vary a little bit traditional to takeaway in that the cut off for food delivery is earlier. Usually 3-4pm and some more popular chefs you may want to order several days in advance. Menus are also more restricted – based around what the chef is cooking that week rather than an extensive menu. But in exchange you are getting, beautifully home-cooked food, that is much better for you. You can also request customised food, although this will need some notice. There are filters on the app to allow you to filter by allergies and preferences (all chefs are allergy trained). For example gluten-free and vegan. There are some new filters coming soon too which will enable you to filter on spice levels and portion size. Which helps you find the right chef and meal for you.

Food delivery is between 6-7pm on the day you order your food.

My Cook My Grub Order and Review

We ordered an Indian meal for our Saturday night dinner from Mumbai Tadka. The food we had was chicken garlic curry, masala dahl, jeera rice and chapati. The food arrived promptly and we were texted with updates on the progress of our delivery. First impressions – I loved that the food was delivered in recyclable tetra containers which are better for the environment and less plastic. Even in the containers it was well presented and smelled great.

I’m not a fan of hot food and so I chose a mild curry dish for our meal and the chicken curry was perfect. But the food really was absolutely delicious. My husband (pre-pandemic) travelled a lot with work and one of the places he travels to a lot is India. His words were after the meal – this is the best Indian food I have eaten outside of India. Which I think says it all.

We were really delighted with our Cook My Grub meal, it was delicious and aromatic. The customer service was also excellent. It’s also a lovely way to support local chefs and businesses. I like the fact the food was healthier than you would typically get from a traditional takeaway too. It’s definitely a service that we will use again in the future.

Cook My Grub Review. An app that connects you to local chefs who can cook and delivery delicious home made food to your door

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