July 2021 – Family Visits, Dinosaurs and Animals

It’s harder to believe we’re in August and July is over. We’ve nearly completed the first two weeks of the summer holidays. July was the start of us starting to do more normal things seeing family more as well as some sunshine. Despite months of lockdowns and homes school I was definitely looking forward to the summer holiday and spending some quality time with the children.

A Trip To Odd’s Farm

We started the month with a random inset day, which was really fab actually. It meant we were able to book a family day out and go when there weren’t the usual school holiday crowds. We decided to take the children to a farm, as Bo has never fed the animals before and we invited my parents to join us too.

Bo absolutely loved feeding the animals as you can see by his face. He squealed, he giggled and was absolutely entranced. The sunshine was glorious and we had such a lovely day, I think the children had as much fun playing in the parks as with animals, but it really doesn’t matter, it was just about watching them have fun after missing so many days out just like this.

Asthma Attacks

Aria’s asthma has not been something I have worried about in a long time, we did try for a period of time weaning her off her preventative inhaler, but ended up putting her back on at a lower dose.

But at the beginning of July, with a rise in the pollen count, she had an asthma attack. I thought we got it under control and then she had a second one later in the week at school. It was a pretty scary time, but after a review from the doctors, a course of steroid tablets and doubling her preventative inhaler dose we managed to get it under control.

Marwell Zoo

We had to move our trip to Marwell Zoo back a week after Aria’s asthma attacks, as the doctor didn’t think she was up to it the first date we had booked. So we went a week later and it was definitely the right decision as Aria was so much better by then. We had a fab time at the zoo, you have can have a read of my full review of the day here.

Saying Goodbye to my Nanny

July was also the month we said goodbye to my Nanny. She had been quite ill and in a home for quite a long time, but even if you know it’s someone’s time it doesn’t mean it isn’t sad to not have that person in your life anymore. In a way, I had lost her quite a while ago, but the reality of her no longer being here is hard. I hated seeing her empty house. It was, however, nice to see family that I had not seen in years at her funeral and I was grateful that larger numbers are now allowed at funerals. I hope that my Nanny is now at peace and back with my Grandad who she lost many years ago.

A Weekend at My In-Laws

The first weekend of the summer holidays saw us heading up to my parents-in-law for the weekend for my mother-in-laws birthday. We caught up with family, the children enjoyed craft time with their Nana. If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s how important simple days like this are with family. We also got to meet my husband’s cousin’s new puppy. How cute?

A Trip to Paradise Wildlife Park

Every summer holiday, my parents very kindly organise a day out for all of their grandchildren. They have done it since they were small and it’s a summer holiday highlight. This year they took us to Paradise Wildlife Park. We have been before, but it’s lots of fun and we like the animatronic dinosaurs too as well as big cats and zoo animals. We all had a really great day out.

Playdates with Friends

We don’t tend to do loads of expensive things in the summer holidays, other than going on actual holiday. We do a lot of trips to the park, picnics and meet up with friends. Which has been the highlight of our first week and a half of the summer holidays really. Parks, play and friends over. Grateful to have friends in our lives and be able to have them over again.

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