4 Useful Tips For Creating a Designer Bathroom Under Budget

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Most of us are tempted to do a bathroom remodel but the mere thought of it is nerve wracking. The cost factor is also something that holds us back. After all plumbing needs precision and you do need professionals to help you out. But there are many aspects you can play with on your own, safely and without incurring a lot of expenses. Let’s take a look at ways you can transform your bathroom into a designer bathroom – without driving yourself crazy.

Create a “bright” theme

Instead of sticking to pale, basic themes, you should find a way to incorporate a bright colour theme into your bathroom space. This will make your bathroom look bigger even if you have a small space. Choose your favorite colour and don’t be afraid to be experimental with going bright. This is one of the smartest ways to freshen up your bathroom and give it a nice touch.

Find a reliable bathroom installer

As we are working with a limited budget here, it is essential that you choose the right brand to do the job. Bathroom instalments can be very pricey but there are local providers in every area who are happy to work with every budget. For example, you are in Yorkshire, there are multitude of options available. One such place to get designer bathrooms in Harrogate is My Bathrooms .

Use the right lighting

LED lights are the way forward and an illuminated bathroom will automatically give a designer outlook. LED lights are energy efficient and you can play with the area. For creative inspiration you can check on Pinterest. Find something that is close to your heart and just bring that into your design theme.

Add plants for colour

You can add plants in your bathroom to give it a fresh new look. They will not cost much but still create the desired impact. You can choose plants as per your taste and introduce them on the sink or near the window. This will give a vibrant and natural essence to your space.

Research online for ensure you get the best deals

Okay, let’s face it. 

We’ve all done home improvements in the past which turned out to be a bit over budget. It’s easy to get caught up in that premium brand or more luxurious model which is only ebbing away the budget we have available without offering any functional benefits. 

Being smart with that budget is more important now than ever with the tight squeeze we are all feeling.

This is where spending that time researching online to really evaluate your options comes in. By understanding how much you should be paying and how much is just a little too much you can make your money go much further. 

Luckily there are many resources online which can help you stay under budget I’ve sourced a few below for reference: 

Take some time to run over these studies and guides to ensure you are 100% equipt to make the best decisions when it comes to creating your dream bathroom under budget. 

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