Adding Gorgeous Colour to your Garden with Dutch Tulips

*Article in collaboration with DutchGrown. 

I always thought I was absolutely rubbish at gardening and found the idea of getting into gardening quite intimidating, houseplants for example always seem to die on me! But the combination of moving to a house with a bigger garden a couple of years ago and lockdown gave me the courage to step outside and learn.

I wanted to make the garden a nicer place for us all, as it became such a sanctuary when we were unable to go anywhere else. The beginning of lockdown also coincided with my children learning about the plant lifecycle for homeschool, so what better way to teach them than to grow and plants things with them?

We learnt to grow vegetables, flowers and plants, learning and having fun together. And while it still needs work, our garden in an immeasurably better place than it was last year, and I hope over this spring and summer it can only get better still. I am still learning about the best plants to plant and grow at different times of the year, but we all have to start somewhere!

One of my favourite flowers are tulips. My husband has travelled to the Netherlands and he has said that the sight of the tulip fields there is really incredible. I hope to be able to visit with him myself one day when the world is open again. I think tulips are just a bit more quirky and a little bit more fun than roses. They come in such an incredible array of colours too – red, pink, blue, black, yellow, orange, even rainbow pretty much every colour you can think of you can find a tulip version. With the Dutch being so well known for making such stunning flowers, it makes complete sense to buy dutch tulip bulbs, who better than to buy bulbs for your garden from?

Dutch grown bulbs, are bulbs that are grown on a farm in the Netherlands and have been growing bulbs for over 130 years. Now managed by the fourth generation of the family, they are known for their expertise and quality. Not only that, they offer some great customer service – have a question about a bulb? Just send them a question, being experts in the field they are bound to have the solution.

For me, tulips are synonymous with spring, the starts of the weather improving, days out, picnics and fun in the garden. All of the things I love doing, especially with my children. For the gardener bulbs are a great thing to plant in your garden, they fill your garden with lots of colour and give it a wonderful lift. But the best thing is that once you have planted them, they come back year after year after year, meaning more for your money and less work planting and sewing to create a lovely outdoor haven. So with that in mind, it makes complete sense to invest in good quality bulbs that will live and bloom in your garden for years to come, such as those sold by Dutch Grown.

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