To the Children of the Pandemic

To the Children of the Pandemic,

I want you to know that I see you. The world as you know it changed forever in the blink of an eye. At first being at home all the time seemed exciting. School’s closed, amazing. That was before the reality set in. The reality of what schools closed and lockdown truly meant.

What it really meant to be shut indoors for months on end. No swimming, no games, no clubs, no days out, no playdates, no sleepovers, no hugs, no toddler and baby groups, no libraries, no sports. Even parks were closed for a time. A world without parks who would have thought that would have been a thing? You miss your grandparents, they give the best hugs don’t they? Your best friend and cousins. Your world suddenly got so much smaller.

You hear on the news the government talking about catching up on schoolwork, but you know that you have tried your best looking at screens all day, trying to learn with your parents who really cannot explain things properly and tried to show you how to do maths in a different day. Sometimes your parents got a bit grumpy with you and shouted when they shouldn’t. You know they love you and they have been trying to do their own work too. The house sometimes feels too small. Your siblings are great, but they’re mega annoying, or maybe you don’t have siblings and you really wish you did.

Two weeks ago, you went back to school. It was weird and scary. You missed it, so much. But maybe it was better, safer to be at home. You had a weird feeling in your tummy. You missed your Mum and Dad, even though you were kind of fed up seeing them all day. Then you saw your friends and it was brilliant, finally, someone that understands how truly awesome Pokemon is. But things at school are different too. Sometimes it’s a bit too loud and the new schoolwork seems confusing. All your teachers are wearing masks, do you really have to put more hand gel on, your hands are not that dirty, are they? What do you mean you can’t say hello to your friend in another bubble.

The news is scary, your parents say you’re not allowed to listen to it anymore. But you hear bits and bobs too. You worry what will happen if you get it, your parents or grandparents get it? Maybe you have lost someone you love already and it hurts so deep inside.

You’ve missed so much. Things feel overwhelming. Will you get to have a birthday party again? You don’t want to hear about tiers anymore and social distancing sucks. I want you to know that I see you. I know how much you have missed in your little lives. The youngest children have spent their whole or more than half their lives in lockdown. I see you. I know and I promise it will get better.

This post is dedicated to the children of the pandemic. The children who have been so brave, who have felt so lonely, who have missed so much. I am so proud of my children, for all they have endured, it’s not been perfect, none of us has. But they have done their absolute best. So, to all of the children on the pandemic, you are amazing. We’re so glad you’re back at school playing and doing what all children should be doing. The silence of my house just means you are having the best fun. Let’s hope that’s how it remains.

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  1. Oh gosh. This made me tear up. The kids really have had it tough and they really have been so brave. My two are thankfully older and understand more about what has been going on for the last year but I do feel for those too young to really understand. x


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