5 Things You Can do With Chalk Markers

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You may have heard of acrylic pens, but what about chalk markers?

Chalkboard markers are a way of taking your chalk and blackboards to a whole new level. You can create absolutely beautiful designs that you would never be able to manage with ordinary pieces of chalk. Even better than that they also come in some really incredible colours. Including metallics. Then, when you are bored of them, you can simply use a wipe cloth to wipe off your creation and start again. Chalk pens should be used on non-porous surfaces, so not on wood for instance.

If you have a search on Pinterest there is all sorts of different designs and fonts for your creations that you can use.

5 Things you can use Chalk Markers for in Your Home

Chalkboards and Blackboards

The obvious of course is a chalk or blackboard. People have them in their houses for all sorts of reasons. I love the idea of having one in the hall for seasonal messages which you can redesign seasonally. Notice boards, menu boards, my children love to play on chalkboards too and use one for their play cafe. It’s so much fun to design them with different colours and fonts.

Glass Windows

Great for Christmas, and all sorts of celebrations. Draw fun designs on your windows! Snow scenes, an Easter egg hunt or even autumn leaves. At my children’s school, the teachers write important messages on their windows for parents and students to read.


Leave a message for someone, add a creative flair to an otherwise plain mirror. You can be creative as you like and afterwards it just washes off. Great for positive affirmations too.

Plates, Mugs, Ceramics and Baubles

Have you got a plain plate or mug or even Christmas bauble that needs updating? Chalk markers are the answer. If you decide you want to make your design permanent, you can simply add a sealant over the top of your creation to make it stay.

Blackboard or White Board Wall Calendars

If you’re a big family like us, a wall planner is really handy. You can get them in both in blackboard and whiteboard formats. And these pens can be used on both! Even better is that, unlike whiteboard markers, chalk markers are washable if you accidentally get them on your clothes. Perfect.

5 Things You Can do With Chalk Markers. Not sure what you can use chalk markers for? There are lots of things as they are so adaptable. Here are 5 creative uses for chalk pens.

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