Eighteen Ways to Introduce Gratitude into Your Life

Eighteen Ways to Introduce Gratitude into Your Life - Gratitude changes everything - handwriting on a napkin with a cup of espresso coffee

Times are tough right now and I think that this lockdown has probably been one of the hardest, grey January, a Christmas without family, more people losing their jobs, this week’s announcement and the vaccines have brought with it a light to end of the tunnel, but I, like many people are finding it tough.

Something I have practised for quite a few years is gratitude. Gratitude is an easy way to help your mood and outlook. It’s not a miracle cure, nothing rarely is. But it is proven to help depression, anxiety and mental illness. By focussing on the things we are glad for in our lives, what makes us happy, that make our lives easier. Then in return, passing kindness onto other people for no other reason than because it’s a nice thing to do. It can rewire our brains for focus on the good things instead of the bad and not get stuck in a negative cycle.

I have kept a gratitude diary for over 3 years now and except on days I have been really poorly, I have filled it out religiously. I usually just jot down 3 things I am grateful for each day, sometimes it’s elaborate and sometimes it’s as simple as I am grateful for tumble drier to dry clothes on a wet day, or similar.

So I thought I would share 18 ways to introduce gratitude in your life, that you can start right now and hopefully improve your mood a little.

18 Daily Gratitude Practises

  1. Start a Gratitude Diary
  2. Try 24 hours without complaining
  3. Do something kind for someone else, just because
  4. Write down 100 things you are grateful for
  5. Take a photo every day of the things that make you smile
  6. Write down a daily affirmation
  7. Bake a cake and give it to someone
  8. Send a card, postcard or text to let someone know you’re thinking of them
  9. Look in the mirror and point out the things you most love about your body
  10. Do something kind for yourself
  11. Take a walk in the outdoors and focus on what is beautiful around you
  12. Write down your favourite 3 memories and keep them for when you’re having a hard day
  13. Start a gratitude jar for your whole family to put things in, which you can sit down and look at together after a period of time
  14. Volunteer, there are lots of ways you can volunteer in the local area to help people
  15. Paint stones and leave them around the local area for people to find
  16. Leave a book with a note for someone to find and take home
  17. Share something you’re grateful for every day on social media
  18. Meditation, try and meditate on a regular basis
Eighteen Ways to Introduce Gratitude into Your Life. Gratitude is a simple practise that is proven to help with mental health and help with anxiety. It is something I try to practise everyday and here are 18 ways you can start with daily gratitude.

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