D30 Phomemo Bluetooth Label Maker Review

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When you have a busy household, if you’re like me you find you need labels for a lot of things. Labels for school items such a stationery, bags and uniform. Labels for craft supplies and cooking ingredients in the kitchen. My husband also labels power plugs so he knows what is what when he is behind the TV or under his desk. It makes things a lot easier.

To date, I have always bought school uniform labels and handwritten ones for other things, but a label printer is a great and much more convenient and neat alternative.

The D30 Label Printer

The D30 Phemomo label printer is a Bluetooth label printer. It charges quickly and easily using a USB cable. I was really surprised just how quickly the printer charged, it was ready to go before I knew it.

The labels were very simple to load, to do so, you just open the front, pop the tape in and feed the end out through the column at the top, as you can see in the above picture.

You control it using an app on your phone. Just search ‘print master’ for the app, it’s available on Apple and Android phones. Then I needed to download the app, register my details – which needed my country and an email address and we were up and running.

Inkless Label Printer

The Phomemo is an inkless printer, which means there is no need for ink cartridges of toners, all you need is your printer and of course the labels. Each roll holds 210 labels, so there is quite a lot of printing in each roll. You can also buy also sorts of different design labels, depending on what you are looking for.

Within the app you are able to select the stickers that are in your printer and amend the format and text for your labels. Type in the text you would like printed and press print, it’s that easy. If you would like multiples of the same label printed – a quick press on the ‘on’ button will do that for you.

The printer itself is small, lightweight and very portable. Not much bigger than the size of my phone, which makes it easy to store too. I was really impressed with it. It comes in three different colours and comes with a handy one year guarantee.

How you can use a Label Maker to get Organised

There are so many places you can use a label maker to help organise your home. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Food containers and ingredients in cupboards and the fridge
  • Stationery
  • Craft supplies
  • School bags
  • Lunch boxes and water bottles
  • School uniform
  • Electric plugs and wires
  • Cupboards and drawers
  • Sections in your book and journal
  • Storage and toy boxes

So handy and a really easy way to help you get organised.

Get 10% off your very own D30 Label Printer

You can get your very own label maker with 10% discount using the discount code ‘LAURASUMMERS’ visit the Phomemo website to purchase. A label printer and 3 labels of rolls will cost you less than £40.

A bluetooth, inkless label printer, that small portable and looks good and is great for organising your home.

D30 Phomemo Bluetooth Label Maker Review. A bluetooth, inkless label printer, that small portable and looks good too. Great for organising your home.

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