Moissanite – the Solution to not Buying Blood Diamonds

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Moissanite – the Solution to not Buying Blood Diamonds

The time has come to propose to your significant other, but the greatest obstacle to that happening, is selecting the perfect ring. There are several barriers to making certain choices when it comes to diamond rings – from affordability to ethics. While not having thousands of dollars available to dump on just a ring is a common reason, many people take exception to the sourcing methods behind diamonds. Whatever your reason is, the answer is probably moissanite. Here’s why. 

A Clearer Conscience

It is commonly known that diamonds are often linked to conflict zones, exploitation, and corruption. Africa and South America are historically known to be the hardest-hit zones for these concerns, and those who are concerned with human rights matters often prefer to steer clear of diamonds for this reason. Because moissanite is synthetic, with most of the same visual appeal as a diamond, it is the perfect plan B to diamonds. 

With all the details you have to bear in mind, you must read the reviews for any company you are planning to use to purchase your diamond. You can go to a review page like this one to find out as much as possible about the reputation of a company before you make a final decision.

Moissanite: The Ethical Compound

The first moissanite discovery area was close to a meteorite impact site in Arizona. For this reason, it is often erroneously credited as being a mineral that comes from the stars. Although it makes for a great story, it is sadly not true. The mineral that makes up moissanite Silicon Carbide (SiC), and it is found naturally around the planet. It is one of the hardest compounds in existence, which makes it an excellent diamond substitute. The compound is scientifically converted to moissanite crystals through certain methods that have been specifically developed for this purpose. 

Diamonds have been in use as precious stones for hundreds of years, but are intrinsically linked to a long history of violence and corruption, as the battle for natural resources had led to major and intense conflict through history. 

Enter Moissanite

Those who do not want to support this gruesome industry have been looking for ways to substitute diamonds in everyday applications. Although lab diamonds are a far more ethical option, they also come at a price. The alternative to these options, both in terms of ethical application and cost, is moissanite. 

Although many people are of the belief that moissanite is a diamond replica, it is strictly speaking not true. They are an individual jewel in their own right, and carry many similarities to diamonds. In the overall jewellery market, affordable moissanite diamonds are gaining ground in popularity as a jewel in its own right. 

Because it is synthetically produced, moissanite is far more affordable than diamonds. For a lower cost, you can look forward to a stone with greater brilliance and more fire, which happens as a result of the stone’s double refractive aspects. In layman’s terms, this means that you can look forward to a more sparkly engagement ring that draws more attention!

How to Choose your Moissanite

As with diamonds, moissanites come in various shapes, colours cute and shapes. The clearer the crystal, the greater its overall value, and the tint or colour can be enhanced by how the stone is cut.

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