How Much Should Your Child Grow at Different Ages?

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How Much Should Your Child Grow at Different Ages?

As the Mum of three children, I am very aware that children grow at different paces. My two and a half year old is in clothes that his older brother wore when he was a year older. My daughter started school being quite petite and has shot up in height she often needs to wear clothes a year older. They seem to grow at different paces through the year, shooting up at certain times of the year – hello summer! But when should your child’s growth be a matter for concern?

This is where More Than Height comes in, whose aim is to raise awareness about childhood growth disorders. It’s not just about their health, it’s about a child’s overall well being.

How Much Should a Child Grow by Age?

While children grow at different paces, there is general guidance on how much on average a child should grow based on their age. You can find out more about this on the More Than Height’s website.

Babies – grow about 25cm in their first year

Toddlers – grow about 10cm per year

Young children – grow about 5cm per year

Teens – is a bit more complicated 80% of a child’s growth is complete before puberty, with a big growth spurt at puberty. You can read a bit more about this on More Than Height.

What Does Poor Growth Look Like and What Should you Do?

Firstly don’t panic, but if you have concerns it’s definitely worth making an appointment and having a chat with your doctor.

I think as parents, I have a strong belief that we often have a feeling isn’t something isn’t right. But there are a few signs that you can look out for:

  • Child is shorter than peers and classmates
  • They are wearing clothes out before they grow out of them
  • Mistaken for being much younger

If this makes you think of your child, do make an appointment with the doctor. It’s definitely better to check and there is nothing wrong than the other way around.

Check your Child’s Growth

Do you keep a track of your child’s growth? I have to admit that I don’t. I have never done the lines on a door way, or a growth chart with my children. But I am wondering if now is the times that I should. To keep track and of course it’s always a nice thing to look back on when they’re older too.

There is a growth chart calculator on the More Than Height’s website which you can use as a guide to see if your child’s growth is on track. I think I am now going to buy a height chart for my children!

How Much Should Your Child Grow at Different Ages? Children grow at different ages, but when should a child's growth be cause for concern? Here is a rough guide to help.

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  1. Yes, sometimes it really is concerning about your child growth some grow fast and some are dont maybe because of lack of nutrition and proper sleeping order that there body is not undergoing well on there growth. It helps by always checking there daily habits and food intake as well as taking his/her to the doctor for check ups.


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