Tips to Designing a Fun and Cosy Children’s Bedroom

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Tips to Designing a Fun and Cosy Children's Bedroom

Creating a space for your child ought to be a fun experience that inevitably draws out anyone’s inner child. That being said, the process can be quite daunting as kids are notorious for changing their tastes and personal style from minute to minute. Below are some pointers to help in designing a bedroom that will grow with your child and still showcase their individuality.

Plan it Simple

When it comes to decorating a children’s room, less is often more. It pays to plan for a decorating scheme before starting on anything. Planning will help to budget to avoid making costly mistakes. Always keep the decor to a minimum to offer more room for play. It’s important to consider that children grow up fast hence when sourcing the design furniture for the children’s room, pick pieces that will not only work for now but the next phrase to come.

Centre on Play

To design and decorate a room for a child, you’ll have to think like one. Focus on items that encourage play without necessarily sacrificing on style. Consider having fun furnishings such as a chalkboard wall, an art gallery that children can display their favourite creation or even a built-in rock climbing wall that can help burn up some energy.

Play with Colours

Children love colours, however, picking the right colour can be a challenging task. Paint finishes give a room a personal stamp that kids love. For instance, a small girl may adore everything pink now then detest it later. The financial implication of repainting the entire room in just a few years is every parent’s nightmare. The colour solution is opting for bright and cheery colours that offer a clever compromise for your child. Neutral colours are recommended as they have the advantage of longevity and can easily be updated when your child wants to switch it up.

Incorporate Texture and Pattern

Texture and pattern are important decorating tools that can elevate a somewhat boring room to a breathtaking space with just a few added elements. Texture and pattern are usually applied through walls, tiles, rugs and beddings. Using different patterns to a scheme can convey different design styles and create a contrast to a place. This helps in bringing the room together as well as draw interest to the bedroom

Window Treatments

For a children’s room, the use of colourful curtains is best to give the room a cleaner and sharper look. Choose colours that either match or complement the overall theme of the bedroom. If the budget permits, you can place a valance to lessen the amount of sunlight entering the room during the day.

Make the Most out of the Space

Whether you are limited on space or have a huge area to play around with, making the most of the space is an absolute necessity. Opt for versatile furniture that can offer multiple uses to free up on space. This space can be used to create an additional play zone or a reading nook for the children.

Cover the Flooring

A key part in the process of designing your kid’s bedroom is thinking about the kind of flooring that is most appropriate. This is paramount as they will be crawling on the floor as they play. Floor covering options may include carpets, rugs, wood, laminate or vinyl.

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