Ignite Your Little One’s Curious Mind on a Budget: A Guide

*This is a collaborative post

Getting your kids interested in the sciences and computing is one of the best things that you can do for them. Even if they don’t take to it and end up wanting to make a career out of the sciences, being curious about the world and understanding it on a deeper level will help them go far in life. 

Toys are the perfect way to do this, and there are options available to get your little one’s curious mind spinning at every age. The only thing that may put a pause is the cost, but with these budget tips, those worries will be a thing of the past: 

1. Swap, Borrow and Buy Used

If you have friends with children who are a little bit older than yours, then you have the perfect chance to borrow or enjoy free toys that have been kindly passed on. Younger children don’t care where their toy came from, and they are typically only interested in toys for a short period before they outgrow them. By using your friend network, you can save on toys, especially the more expensive STEM-friendly range

2. Wait for Sales 

Sales are usually huge after Christmas and several other times throughout the year, so if you have a few good hiding spots around the home, you can buy at a steep discount and wait for their birthday or Christmas and save big. Buy older than your child is now if that’s your strategy so that by the time they get the gift, it’s perfectly within their interests. 

3. Use Discount Codes 

If you buy anything, always, always check for a discount code. It takes seconds to add a Debenhams discount code to your child’s next birthday gift and can help you save again and again. Even if it’s just a few pounds here or there, that adds up. You can even potentially add discount codes onto sales or each other, compounding the discounts you enjoy and making their gift even more budget friendly. 

4. Price Compare 

Another way to save on STEM-friendly toys is to price compare. Use online tools to find the cheapest seller, add the relevant discount code if there is any, and then save twice over! It’s a great way to find those secret, mid-season sales or just better everyday prices on the toys you want to give. 

5. Be Curious Together

You don’t need toys to interest your child in STEM. There are online programs, kid-friendly documentaries, and just you. Take them on a nature walk and go through all the different types of plants with your kids. Talk about what they can do and all their magical powers. Being curious together doesn’t cost a thing and will do more for your relationship and your child’s development than any toy. Head out and be curious together, and then buy them STEM friendly toys for when you aren’t there, and your kids will develop that healthy interest in the world around them that they need to succeed in life. 

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