Once Vinyl Flooring is down, it will always be around

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Once Vinyl Flooring is down, it will always be around

It’s handy to know who the top dogs are and who are the newcomers when it comes to choosing a new luxury vinyl flooring (also referred to as LVT). 

We all love change and even more so when that change becomes a project which we can truly invest in by learning about what’s new in the market, what options are available to us and how we can make our homes more beautiful and fulfilling in the process. 

Simple installation 

Amtico begins and ends with greatness, which is perhaps why they are the current marketing leader in the vinyl flooring industry. 

They offer two superior fitting options with their iconic click down method, where you literally ‘click’ each plank or tile into place, or their glue down method. Both these methods are popular with avid DIY’ers and professional flooring fitters alike.

The best part? No mess and no hassle cutting planks and tiles to size as Amtico have already done that for you. You best believe no corner or stairway will be left open to elements. Amtico creates consistency and fluidity throughout all the rooms in your home, which brings and overall harmonious feeling.

Effortless maintenance

You must be sick to death of scrubbing, varnishing, and polishing your current flooring, right?

Amtico Spacia cuts to the chase of maintaining a superb flooring by implementing a moisture resistant and anti-scratch layer on the surface so your cleaning vinyl flooring is no longer an all-day process. Just a quick brush to collect the debris, mop thoroughly (don’t forget those skirting boards) and leave to dry. 

See, these protective layers are applied during the manufacturing stage at the hands of modern technology, which then keep your flooring from becoming stained.

You don’t even need to spend a lot on expensive cleaning products, just a simple soapy solution in your bucket, with warm water will do the trick. 

The look and feel of a beautiful home

What room wouldn’t see the benefits of vinyl flooring? Absolutely none of them.

As it happens, homeowners and interior designers throughout the country are choosing bathroom vinyl flooring and kitchen vinyl flooring because it serves them for much longer in areas of frequent activity and spill-risk than hardwood or laminate.

Bedrooms and living rooms benefit more so from the style choices that are available which replicate natural elements, such as Amtico Spacia’s collection, Scorched Timber wood plank vinyl and Canopy Oak offer a nod to urban chic and rural woodlands.

The best luxury vinyl flooring collections can be found within Amtico, and shortly after they should be found installed within your home for years afters installation.

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