The Coronavirus Diaries – 19th May 2020

I have decided to write a weekly diary of our time through the Coronavirus pandemic. To keep for the future. It’s such an unprecedented time and full of so many mixed feelings and events we have never encountered before it is hard to process it all.

The Coronavirus Diaries - 19th May 2020

15th May

The debate about the return to schools is one that has raged on all week. I said in last week’s update that unless things changed drastically I wouldn’t be sending Aria (who is year 1) back to school. I still stand by that decision. It looks as though most schools are not happy with the government’s decision, the Department of Education wasn’t even consulted and unions are really pushing back. So I wonder if it will even happen.

In the week, school sent out an email asking parents to say if parents plan on sending their children in. At the moment attendance is non compulsory. My husband and I have decided at this time when the infection rate and death rate is still so high that we will keep our children home for now. I strongly believe that social distancing for your children is impossible and I feel like the decision is rushed and not through through in the least. We have seen a rise in R rate this week and as yet do not know if children are carriers. I am also concerned about the rise in the kawasaki syndrome we are seeing in children. Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and even Liverpool are not following suit and plan to open schools in September.

My husband and I have decided that for now, Aria will not be returning. As soon as I made this decision I was calmer, so I know it’s the right one. Emotions are high on this one, I think every family has to do what’s right for them and their circumstances. There is no right or wrong answer.

16th May

One of the positive things about lockdown is getting to jobs that have been on your to-do list forever. This week has been busier to me so the juggle has been harder with work commitments. But the weekends we’re been focussing on the garden.

This week we had a bit of a blip in that part of our carport roof blew off. Which means it needs to be replaced. We’ve also have a sun deck that has pretty much been rotting since we moved in. We got a local tradesman in to quote – as outdoor work is work that you can do whilst social distancing and we’re going to get both replaced. So this weekend my husband has hacked a lot of bushes back and ripped out the old decking. I’m actually quite excited as to how it’s all going to look when it’s finished. The garden is definitely our sanctuary right now.

18th May

It looks like the death rates and the amount of people currently in hospital are going down which is really positive. The R rate for our area was published yesterday which is 0.71. I really hope this continues and we do not see a second wave.

From the photos public transport is a real challenge at the moment and I real feel for people, particularly in London, where it is their only means of transport.

We’ve got birthdays coming up over the next few weeks. Aria’s this week, mine next week and Bo’s the week after. I have mostly been planning for Aria’s birthday – different games and activities to make it as fun as possible. Her party for now has been postponed, we hope she can have it later in the year instead. But we’re going back to good old fashioned, traditional games. Pin the tail on the donkey, pass the parcel and musical statues. We’ve all taken the day off too. So hopefully it will be a good day. Not the same without seeing friends and family, but as good as we can make it.

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  1. I wont be sending Harry back to nursery and think it is far too soon for them to be talking about schools opening again. I’m sad because this is Harry’s last year at nursery and he wont be going back now but his health and well being are too important.


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