Why Is it Smarter to Buy a Used Car?

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Why Is it Smarter to Buy a Used Car?

Why Is it Smarter to Buy a Used Car?

Although many drivers like the idea of being the first owner of a brand new car, it is not the most productive way of spending your money. Whether you regularly drive on motorways like the M20 through Kent or only run back and forth to the shops on local roads, owning a second-hand car is always the more sensible option. Why are used cars so much better than brand new models?


The first thing to say about all types of cars – that aren’t collector’s items, at any rate – is that they will lose value. This is called depreciation and as cars age, they all tend to be worth a bit less, even if you don’t drive that many miles in a year. That said, the worst part of the depreciation process is when a car is bought for the first time. By simply owning a brand new car and registering it with the DVLA, you can wipe thousands of pounds off its value. Depreciation also occurs when you buy a previously owned car but the effect is negligible compared to first-time ownership

Better Value

It is not just a loss in value that is a problem with the latest models. With older cars, you get more for your money. If your budget extends to being able to buy a new three-door hatchback, for example, then you can probably afford a prestigious saloon or even an SUV on the second-hand market. In short, buying a used car will probably mean you can upgrade to a better model or even one with a higher specification trim level. Even better, you could get virtually the same model of car you would have bought from new and put the money you have saved to another use, such as going on a little holiday or upgrading your insurance package from third-party to comprehensive. How you choose to spend your saving is, of course, entirely down to you but if you max out your expenditure buying new, then you won’t have this pleasant choice to make.


Buying anything second-hand, not just cars, is the environmentally responsible thing to do. When we only purchase brand new items, so more and more of the globe’s precious resources are used up. The second-hand market means that all sorts of products, including vehicles, to have an extended life. If we don’t support it, then more energy and wastage would inevitably go into the production of new models. So, if you want to do your bit for the environment, then choose a second-hand car rather than one that is on the forecourt of your local dealership. In case you decide to buy second hand, KAP is a credible used car dealer. KAP Motors stocks a wide variety of used Nissan Qashqai at its Kent Centre. Grab your pick today at amazing prices!

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