How to Keep Active When Isolating at Home

How to Keep Active When Isolating at Home - Young girl skipping in the park with a rope.

How to Keep Active When Isolating at Home with Children

We’re in self isolation, like a lot of people all over the world. It’s a strange time and I have never known a time like it in my life, where we are not supposed to even leave the confines on our home or garden. On that front we are on the lucky side in that we do have a garden at least.

My daughter was home first on Monday and then following guidelines we all home now. It became apparent to me quite quickly that the hardest thing was going to be not getting out for a change of scenery but also a walk and exercise.

Learn to Skip

A good old fashion skipping room is great. Clear a space and you can do it in or outdoors. It’s also something fun you can teach a young child to do if they don’t know how. If you don’t have one already, you can buy one for as little as £3.

Buy a Skipping Rope on Amazon (affiliate link)

Set up a Hopscotch in your Garden

A hopscotch brings back memories of my childhood. Drawing them on the pavement and then jumping on them with my friends. This is one that really needs to be done outdoors, but is cheap and simple to do if you have the space.

Not sure how to play? Here’s a guide.

Dig out the Exercise DVDs from the back of the cupboard

We’ve all got them haven’t we? The celebrity DVDs, the ones that were going to restore us back to our physical prime. They’re abandoned somewhere maybe even chucked in a bag read to go to the charity shop. Get them out and play them! If you haven’t got them there are a few listed for as little as £2 on Ebay.

NHS Ten Minute Workouts

The NHS has a list of ten minute work outs listed on their website, that are really easy to complete all by yourself. Read them here.

Now’s the Time to Just Dance!

You know those computer games you optimistically bought for Christmas. Just Dance, Wii Fit, get them out. Embrace the fun, let yourself silly, have fun, who cares! Have a game as a family, make some fun memories during this tricky time.

Set up on Obstacle Course in your Front Room

Set up an fun obstacle course in your front room, think cushions to jump on, blankets to crawl under, cans to run around, playing relay with soft toys, let yours and your children’s imagination run wild!

Here are some tips on how to build a front room obstacle course.

You Tube Exercise Classes

YouTube is a great resource for free workouts you can easily do at home for you and your children.

There’s lots of free workouts on Youtube, for different lengths of time. Just head over there and have a search. If you have Smart TV even better, you can clear a space in your front room and all get involved. Here are a few I have selected to get you started.

Try Joe Wicks Beginners HIIT Workout on Youtube

Body Project 30 Minute Fat Burning Work Out

Pop Sugar 15 minute Dance Cardio Workout

Keaira LaShae 25 Minute Hip Hop Tabata Workout

Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness

I think our mental health is as important as physical health at the moment. Here are some great videos to get you going.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Kids Cosmic do online yoga and mindfulness classes for children. They do them for all sorts of themes. They have Frozen, The Gruffalo, here’s one all about dogs. A great thing to all do together at home.

Yoga with Adriene – For Beginners

Pilates for Beginners – Total Body Workout


I am a big fan of meditation to help with stress and anxiety. As a family, we subscribe to Headspace and use their guided meditations. During this current pandemic, Headspace are offering their app for free. They have meditations specifically for children too.

Headspace free offer


My husband is a big fan of calisthenics. He particularly likes convict conditioning because it does not need any equipment to do it. It’s actually the exercises that convicts use in their cells to keep fit, hence the name. So perfect for when you’re in self isolation! There is a series currently on Amazon Prime if you would like to learn more about it.

Look at the Equipment you Already have at Home

Basketball hoops, trampolines, football and goal, frisbees, even just a tennis ball fish it out of the back of the toy cupboard and get into the garden and get playing. Exercise does not have to be miserable, have fun.

I hope this helps!

How to Keep Active When Isolating at Home. Way to get exercise and help your physical and mental fitness when you need to isolate at home.

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