6 Top Family- Friendly Games

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6 Top Family- Friendly Games

One of the things that define a true family is the ability to spend quality time with each other. Making out time to be together and learn about one another provides comfort and strengthens the bond that connects the family.

There are several activities that families can engage in when they get together that are not only fun but help to develop and strengthen the relationship as a unit and between individual members. Activities like taking vacations, going to the movies, going out to dinner, visiting museums and the likes are fun ways to spend time together. Games are an even better way to incorporate fun and humour into the mix and there are quite a number of them that families can participate in.

Board Games

Board games are the perfect family games because they require the participation of everyone encouraging interaction and also learning. A trip to a discount retail store like TheWorks will provide one with a plethora of family-friendly games at affordable prices. Whether traditional or modern, there are hundreds of board games at TheWorks to choose from.

Ball games

For an outdoor family fun day, ball games are a go-to. Volleyball, baseball, basketball or soccer are some of the favourites. The family can split themselves into different group dynamics and compete for a prize. These tag teams will provide the opportunity for each person to bond with another and learn to work together.

Family talent shows

This activity is designed to be fun-packed and silly. It is typically family humour at its best and it serves to bring out the comical side of each person in the unit. Here, a mock stage is created and each person comes to display their talents and be assessed by their audience which consists of the other members of the family. Activities can involve singing, dancing, playing tricks and even holding mock talent competitions.

Family Trivia

This particular game is a fun way of testing general knowledge and of seeing how well members of a family know each other. The family is split into groups and a series of questions are asked. These questions can be on topics like love, politics, art, history and the likes. The group that gets the most answers right emerges the winner.

Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting is easily one of the best and most adventurous family games out there. It involves the family going on a search to find and collect specific items which will eventually lead them to a prize or treasure. The first group to complete their task wins the game and the reward.

Charades and Guessing Games

Charades are the quintessential family games. Here, an individual or group acts out or makes gestures defining or describing a thing while the other layers try to guess what it is. It usually turns out to be hilarious as the actor often makes ridiculous gestures and the others make funny guesses.


Family games do more than just lighten the mood and strengthen relationships. The friendly banter and light competition teach the players, particularly the children, confidence and boosts their self-esteem making it one of the best ways for families to bond and grow together.

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