Silk’n Infinity IPL Removal Review

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Silk'n Infinity Review

Permanent hair removal, that’s the holy grail for a lot of women isn’t it? No longer having to worry about the regular and often painful and expensive chore or plucking, waxing, shaving or epilating. I so envy my husband who can just grab a pair of shorts and put them on without having to worry about the state of his legs beforehand.

While I could write a whole blog post on how I wish women didn’t have to shave their legs, the fact of the matter is I’m not brave enough to be hairy and proud! So hair removal it is.

To this end, I have been using the Silk’n Infinity 400.000 for the last few months, to see how well it works at permanently removing unwanted body hair. Not having to worry about leg hair again sounds pretty amazing.

How Does it Work?

The Device uses eHPL™ technology which uses pulses of light to permanently remove undesired hair growth. It is suitable for more hair colours and skin types, but it is worth checking before you buy that your type will work with the technology.

I am obviously fair skinned and my hair is a light brown / mousey colour.

How to Use The Silk’n Infinity

Before using the device you are advised to shave the areas that you want to treat. You then use the device by running it over the area, in my case my lower legs, you want to permanently remove hair from. The device has 5 strength settings and the handbook advises you which setting to use based on your skin type and hair colour. You can also download the free Silk’n App that will help you with the treatments. I started on setting two and worked my way up to number 4 in the end.

Initially, you are advised to use the Silk’n Infinity every two weeks and then reduce it to 4 weeks apart and then as needed.

To use the device you place it on your skin and press the large button on the top, then it will flash, the sensor has to be full connected to your skin otherwise it won’t work. I tended to do it in lines so I knew when I had treated and do a section at a time. Once you get into a rhythm you can get the flashes going pretty quickly.

On the Silk’n Infinity website it says you can do your whole body in about 20 minutes, that wasn’t my experience and I found it took me more like 20 minutes just to do my lower legs. But, as I usually did it while I was watching TV, it wasn’t a problem.

The process didn’t hurt at all, but it did feel warm and my skin always needed a good moisturiser afterwards.

Does it Work?

Now for the moment of truth… does it work? Firstly, as a Mum of 3 once of which is a baby I am going to hold my hands up and say I haven’t used the device as religiously as I could have. I would also say in the instructions that it does say it can take 18-24 months to permanently remove hair and I have not been using it that long. In total, I have done 6 treatments with the device, I could have done more. But, here’s how I got on.

I regularly waxed my legs beforehand, so I found it strange to transition back to shaving again, but it also meant my leg hairs were quite fine at the beginning of the process.

I think the best way to show is this has worked is to show you my leg progress photos, sorry in advance for the hairy legs. Also as a lot of the photos were taken quickly with my phone before getting showered and dressed, I apologise but they could be better quality. But I still think they show you much better than I could tell you.

Legs February 2019
Legs February 2019
Legs March 2019
Legs March 2019
Legs 7 April 2019
Legs 7 April 2019
Legs 18 April 2019
Legs 18 April 2019
Legs May 2019
Legs May 2019
Legs August 2019
Legs August 2019
Legs Close Up August 2019
Legs – close up September 2019

As you can see I am definitely not hair free. But… the Silk’n Infinity has definitely made a difference. If you look I now have bald patches on my legs where there is no regrowth at all. I have also noticed that the rate at which my hair grows back now is slower too. On the last photo I haven’t shaved my legs for two weeks, so you can see how slow the regrowth has become.

So my verdict is that it’s working and I am definitely going to continue using the Silk’n Infinity, but it isn’t a magic bullet, it takes patience and perseverance to get results. But it does get results. I am hoping that my next summer if I continue on I will have very little hair on my legs, which would be amazing. I also want to start treating different parts of my body now. Watch this space and I will keep you updated.

So if you are thinking of investing yourself, remember I haven’t done as many treatments as I should have. I could have better results if I had used the device more frequently, but even in just those sessions I have done I think there is a considerable difference in the hairiness of my legs. Would I buy this with my own money? Yes I would actually. I didn’t pay to get my lower legs waxed before going on holiday this year as I just didn’t see the point and I only needed to shave my legs a couple of times. Which is a game changer for me. Before waxing, when I used to regularly shave my legs I would have to do it every other day to keep them smooth. It’s also a lot less painful than waxing!

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