MAAM Training Program

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MAAM Training Program

MAAM Training Program

Being a parent is one of the most significant roles in life. The skills we use to turn our loving kid into a good person are not inherited. We learn them along the way. There is no school for the best parent in the world, only desire and motivation.

MAAM Training Program – A Unique Approach to Parenting Skills

Psychology proved that the skills we gain while trying to be a great parent to our child can be applied in the field of careers. That’s why HR experts develop the MAAM training program. Its creators describe it as life-based learning.

Originally, the program was conceived as a book, which was published in 2014. Many employers recognised the quality and values ​​which content of this literature propagated. According to their requirements and needs, the authors created the training program of the same name in 2015.

At first, it was class-based course. Soon, it transferred into digital form, as an application available to all kinds of devices and operating systems. No need to tell what is the biggest advantage of this form of MAAM training program. New parents usually don’t have time for themselves, not to mention for visiting classes.

How This Training Program Works

The MAAM training program is designed as an online platform, a digital tool through which workers on maternity (or paternity) leave stay involved with business activities. For the success of this program, an experienced manager is a must. Apart from coordinating with the team, his or her job is to motivate employees, and to guide them in the right direction.

Absent employees feels important when they have insight into business activities. Somewhat, this is the way to remind them that they are not just parents. When they are done with maternity leave, it will be easier to get back on track on their workplace.

There is much helpful content on the MAAM platform. You’ll find articles, blogs, videos dealing with useful topics, almost on a daily basis. There are different tests and questionnaires for checking the acquired soft skills.

In chat rooms, you’ll have the chance to get in touch with other parents. You can share new experiences and feelings with people in a similar situation. You can spread the word about the new skills you gained. Also, there’s a high chance that you can hear and learn something new.

Benefits of Applying Parenting Skills into Business Performance

As the authors of the MAAM program explain, many employers still think that those who become parents neglect their careers. Therefore, the goal of this training is to prove them wrong. Quite often, it turns out that rookie parents have better working skills than other candidates.

Companies have the suggestion to try MAAM training program, as a new and unique approach to achieving results. The goal of this tool is to increase business interaction with people who are absent because of maternity/paternity leave. It allows them to apply acquired soft skills in their usual business tasks.

Another benefit is that companies, which use this program, can expand the candidate base. This way they can attract more qualified workers. With the proper application of this digital tool, each employee can take advantage of their life experience and increase their working performance.

Besides, the participants of this training program will improve cooperation with colleagues. A person with well-built social and emotional skills can give their professional maximum. Motivated people, appreciated for their work, are a priceless resource to every company.

We should be aware that our life won’t stop after we became parents. As a matter of fact, it’s like it begins all over again. But now we are smarter, stronger, and braver, with new skills and life experience gained. That’s a great advantage of parenthood which we should apply to our career.

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