Making the Master Bedroom a Child Free Haven

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Making the Master Bedroom a Child Free Haven

There’s no doubt that when you have children, they become your everything. The lights of your life. Your beacons of happiness. Your world. But, where does that leave a little bit of privacy on the list of priorities?

If anywhere is going to give you that moment of peace, it’s your master bedroom. Often though, even that isn’t safe.

Here are a few tips to help make your bedroom not only a no-fly zone for the kids, but a truly enjoyable space for you as well.

Set Boundaries

This can be a tough one, but it’s important to draw some lines in the sand for your children. Without clear boundaries, keeping the bedroom off-limits will be nigh on impossible.

It’s important that you stress the bedroom is a no-go. From there, the key is consistency. Children respond to routine, so you need to act accordingly.

You can do this by introducing a ‘closed door means no entry’ system and teach the children to knock first. It won’t be fool-proof but finding out what works best and setting up some ground rules from there is your best bet.

Make it Yours

Firstly, if your room is a child-free zone, really make it so. No toys or kids’ clothes lying around. Make it a celebration of you and your significant other.

Next is to make it a sophisticated space that represents you. Make sure to make it a room of luxury. Warm lighting, comfy throw cushions and a nice calm décor to suit your style.
Perfect the furniture as well. If you can, don’t be afraid to splash out on a bed; it will be well worth it. Do the same with a dressing table and get a beautiful wardrobe from The Cotswold Co. If it’s going to be your one space in the house, why not make it as wonderful as it can be?

Give the Kids a Space

Finally, there’s nothing like a good old trade-off. If you have a private space, why not give the kids one too?

Consider giving the kids a space that they can enjoy and make their own. A play area or hiding spot might just help make them understand boundaries a little better and give you your privacy as well.

No one’s saying it’ll be easy, but if you can make your bedroom your own personal space then there’s no question it will improve family life.

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