How to Grow your Business with Shopify

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How to Grow your Business with Shopify

How to Grow your Business with Shopify

Before I was a blogger and self employed, I used to work in e-commerce and digital marketing, mainly in the fashion industry. I like to think that even though it’s been a few years since since I did it, it is still something I know quite a bit about.

It’s also an area I have thought about as a potential area I can grow my business when my children get older. The potential of opening my own store – at the moment, I have no idea what I would sell! Although I think I am leaning towards stationery.

If this is something that you are considering, then you might want to look into Shopify. Shopify is an online platform that lets you set up a store front simply and easily. It lets you sell products, track orders and take credit card payments. As well as have search functionality and reviews all in-built.

There are also themes to make sure you can design a look and feel for your store to match any branding that you have had created for your business.

One of the other features I like is being able to sell through your social media feeds – from having a shop section on your Facebook page, to being able to click through to products featured on your Instagram feed. A great way to integrate e-commerce into your overall social media strategy.

Want to sell on Amazon too? Let’s face it being one of the biggest retailers in the world, they’re not a channel you really want to miss out on. Shopify will integrate with Amazon, making life and business that little bit simpler.

Shopify works on a monthly fee If you want to try it out and see if it works for you, you can use their two week, no commitment free trail. Where you don’t even have to enter your credit card details – which is great as I hate doing this when it comes to trials.

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