Why Hand-me-Downs are Great

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Why Hand-me-Downs are Great

Why Hand-me-Downs are Great

When it comes to our children, we want them to have the world, there’s no doubt about that in any parent’s mind. From birthday’s and Christmas to making those all-important fancy dress outfits and school projects, we constantly find ourselves going out of our way for our children.

But, it can be pretty expensive can’t it. From new toys and clothes to all those arts and crafts bits, and money for out of school activities, not forgetting the cost to get them there – it can all add up. That’s why it’s important to talk about hand-me-downs and how great they are.

Something that’s existed for longer than we can remember, who can forget wearing their older sibling’s last season clothes. It’s not something to laugh at either, even the Royal family are doing it.

Let’s talk about why hand-me-downs are the best.

Trends Come and Go

Just like adults are with the latest phones and tablets, toys come in and out of fashion just as quickly. However, there are toys like bikes, stunt scooters and other outdoor toys that won’t go out of fashion quickly, but your children will outgrow them.

That’s why you shouldn’t instantly bin them, instead pass them on to younger siblings or ask any of your friends or family members if they’d like them.

They Grow Quick

Speaking of outgrowing, we all know that children grow at an alarming rate. Because of this, their wardrobe can change more than seasonally. It also means that many clothing items only get one or two wears, or even none at all.

Throwing away these hardly worn clothes would be a crime, which is why you can hold on to them for siblings – ideal if you have baby clothes and you’re planning on having another. If you don’t know someone with a small child, then charities are always looking out for clothes for children.


The most important thing about any hand-me-down item is that it’ll help your children appreciate the value of things. It’ll make them realise that they can’t have things brand new all the time, and encourage them to share as well as sort through items they don’t play with any more to gift to another sibling or cousin.

It’s not just toys and clothes that can be handed down, books are another great example, as these never go out of fashion. But just remember next time you’re having a clear out, don’t throw it away, re-use it in a positive way by handing it down.

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