Why You Need Travel Insurance

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Why You Need Travel Insurance

Why You Need Travel Insurance

My husband travels a lot with work, in the past 4 months alone he is been to The States, India and Germany. As a family we also like to get away (who doesn’t), although a lot of our travels at the moment with a baby, are UK based. But whenever and wherever you travel it’s so important to have travel insurance.

I’m a firm believer of better safe than sorry. For example, what if my husband loses his bags on his way to a business meeting or even if they are simply delayed and he needs to rush to a shop to buy himself a new suit? Not a huge drama, but it would still mean we’re down at least £200. What if he gets sick and simply needs a course of antibiotics or steroids, or even worse breaks a bone falling? I don’t want money to be a worry when I just want him to get well and get the medical attention that he needs and I’m not there with him.

Insurance often covers the things you don’t want to talk or even think about. Like me, you must have read about the horror stories of people who have travelled abroad and had a serious accident and have been unable to get home. I would dread to think of my husband in another country, sick and we can’t afford to fly him home or I couldn’t afford to fly out and be by his side.

Or something even worse to consider is if something happened to both my husband I when travelling and someone needs to come out and help look after the children. These are all terrible, terrible worse case scenarios. But they are never something that I want to be a concern.

Even in the UK when there aren’t medical costs to consider, there are unfortunately other things to think about. What if you book a stay and one of your children come down with chicken pox and you can’t travel? Ok, it might mean that you can’t go on that particular holiday, but it would be great to be reimbursed so that you can go another time rather than losing your holiday and the money you saved up for it all together.

Just like making a will, which we did last year incidentally, travel insurance covers your worse case scenario. But for if you do ever, ever need it, it’s going to be a few pounds that you will to be so grateful that you spent. UHC Safe Trip is a company that offers worldwide cover for next time you’re travelling.

Do you always travel with travel insurance?

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