3 Ways in Which you can Give Landings a Purpose

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3 Ways in Which you can Give Landings a Purpose

3 Ways in Which you can Give Landings a Purpose

There’s a number of individual spaces that are easy to overlook in the modern home, even in new-build properties that are relatively small and compact.

The landing offers a relevant case in point, as this is often an idle space that is easy to neglect even when you’re remodelling your home. The can also lack any semblance of natural light in most instances, creating dark and uninspiring spaces that take away from the visual aesthetic of your home.

In this post, we’ll look at three ways in which you can give landings a purpose and add a new dimension to your property’s interior.

Revive the Space with an Occasional Chair

‘Occasional’ chairs are all the rage now, thanks to their eclectic designs, luxury finishes and effortless sense of unique style.

Occasional chairs also spearhead a wide and increasingly diverse range, making it relatively easy to select a product that suits the size of a particular space and its core design ethos.

This makes them a tremendous way of enlivening a dull and dark landing space, while also creating a focal point that gets guests talking when they visit your property.

These chairs also add a layer of functionality to the landing, as they transform this space into a reading area where you can relax and unwind during the day.

Create Wow with a Gallery

If you’ve ever seen a large traditional home or a renovated barn in the countryside, you’ll know that gallery landings are often a key and desirable feature.

They certainly create a wow feature and a striking focal point, although they tend to be absent from modern builds due to issues with space and layout.

If you do have the available space, however, transforming your landing into a gallery is an extremely effective pastime and one that can introduce a true sense of drama and excitement into your home.

This also gives the home an open and airy feel, and one that creates the illusion of space upstairs.

Make the Most of Artificial Lighting

We spoke earlier about the fact that landings often have a lack of natural light, and this can be difficult to negate if there’s an absence of nearby windows.

It’s therefore important that you make the most of artificial lighting on your landing, as this will ensure that it’s adequately lit at all times and capable of serving as a bright and vibrant space.

This is also crucial from a practical perspective, as a well-lit landing can improve safety and minimise the risk of trips or falls near the stairs.

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