Guest Room Decorations for All Seasons

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Guest Room Decorations for All Seasons

Guest Room Decorations for All Seasons

When you’re decorating to keep up with the seasons, your guest room can sometimes be neglected. If you haven’t had anyone stay over too often in recent times, it can be tempting to just let it be. Still, it needs just as much TLC as every other room in your home, so it’s important to give it the attention it deserves.

Of course, some people like to give their guest rooms a neutral aesthetic, so no one is put off staying there. By the same token, some people go overboard when it comes to decorating their homes. Still, decorative themes are the most resonant when they flow throughout your home in a seamless fashion.

Consequently, here are some guest room decoration ideas to cover all seasons.

Extra Blankets

While extra layers are most effective during Winter, Spring and Autumn, they can work well in summer too. After all, if someone spills something on a blanket, those ‘extra layers’ stored neatly nearby suddenly become spares instead! They have their uses year-round, and even if they go unused, they can add some extra colour and decorative aesthetic to the room anyway.

Store away some extra blankets on the shelves or atop cupboards so that visitors can add an extra layer to their duvet in the middle of the night without any concerns. It’ll lend that affect of care and comfort, perhaps even offering up a hotel kind of vibe too with all the extra effort. You could even drape some blankets over a chair or two, to really merge them seamlessly with the guest room.


Curtains do more than just keeping prying eyes away. For example, thin lined curtains can retain the heat on cold winter nights. Keep practical affects in mind when it comes to guest rooms; thin roller blinds, for example, might not make your guests feel as private and warm as they could be with say, a stronger or sturdier curtain.

Consequently, it’s blackout curtains from Direct Blinds that can work with a diverse affect here. You could invest in several for different colour schemes to go with the seasons; e.g oranges and reds for summer, whites and pale blues for winter. Moreover, they can work a treat on the days that you’d really prefer to mute searing light; whether from a summer sun or a nearby streetlight. They’re adaptable whatever the season and have multiple uses, making them a worthy addition to your guest room.

Go for Wood

As strange as it might seem to read, wood is a truly diverse material in terms of the themes it can capture. In the winter, it can generate the feel of your guest room belonging to a log cabin, really hitting home on that cosy feel. In the summer, wood can instead perpetuate a kind of camping and jungle vibe, giving an adventurous feel to any guest who stays over.

Consequently, you can better secure that year-round feel for the guest room in wooden furniture. From bedframes to shelving units, cupboards to flooring, if you use wood here and there throughout you’ll give your guest room a vivid appeal. Don’t overdo it of course, but wooden furniture is a good way to lend your guest room a unique flare during each season.

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