Charitable Things to Do this Christmas

Charitable Things to Do this Christmas

Charitable Things to Do this Christmas

Christmas is very much a time for giving, to friends and family of course, but I also like to donate to charity at this time. I am so grateful for everything my family has and I think it’s a nice thing to be able to give something back.

There are simple things you can do like buying charity Christmas cards, having a clear out before your new gifts arrive and donating items to a local charity shop. You could find out if your local homeless shelter needs volunteers or donate clothes and blankets to them. If you have elderly neighbours, call in to see if there is anything they need.

I have done some research on some of the charity appeals happening this Christmas and selected a few favourites or those that are a bit different. Of course you can simply just donate to whatever you choose. You can send a few pounds to a selection – a lump sum to one, agree to set up a monthly donation for any charity. But here are some ideas to inspire you.

The Baby Bank

The Baby Bank is a local charity to me and have an appeal this Christmas to give a new pair of pyjamas for Christmas to a child in need. If you live locally you can simply purchase a pair and drop them off, if you don’t then you can purchase some from their Amazon wishlist.

Learn more on their Facebook page

Pop’s Parcels

Another gift giving idea local to me in Bracknell, this is one you can probably only participate in if you live locally but it’s a really nice idea so I wanted to share. The idea is you fill a shoe box for a for an elderly person – label the box as male or female and the box is given to them at Christmas.

Find out more on Facebook

Food Bank Advent

The Food Bank Advent is something I have read about on Katy Kicker’s blog. The idea is that instead of or as well as an advent calendar, each day in December you add an item into a box to donate to your local food bank. At the end of December you can donate to your local food bank.

I’ve never done as Food Bank Advent before, but something I do at Christmas time it take the children with a budget and we go to our local supermarket that has a donation container and often has a list of the items needed locally too and we could and buy and donate to it.

Give a Gift to a Child in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Give a gift to a poorly child staying in Alder Hey’s children’s hospital, Alder Hey have a list of items on their website that you can donate for children on different ages as well as chocolate selection boxes.

Find out more on their website

Christian Aid – Charity Gifts

Help transform lives around the world and give a gift through Christian Aid. £9 will buy a child a school book and pens, £8 a pair of chickens and £115 a mobile health clinic.

Visit the Christian Aid Charity Gifts website

Oxfam – Christmas Unwrapped

In a similar vein to Christian Aid, Oxfam gives you the opportunity to help people living in poverty. You can buy a gift in someone’s name for people that need it the most. Buy a pig, education for a child, safe water for a family of four and receive a free chocolate goat for your efforts too.

Visit Oxfam Christmas Unwrapped

Volunteer and Cook with Food Cycle

Food Cycle is a charity that makes cooked meals for many people who simply can’t afford them, they also offer a meal and company to people who are lonely. The meals are made from food that would have otherwise gone to waste too. Many of the people that join the meals include older people, people dealing with mental health issues, those affected by homelessness, low-income families, asylum seekers and refugees, and people who are long-term unemployed. You can help out by collecting food, cooking food, or being a host and talking to people.

Find out more on the Food Cycle’s website

Children with Cancer – Christmas Appeal

How heartbreaking it must be to have a child with cancer, the Children with Cancer Charity is asking for donations this Christmas to help children in its care £20 can help fund a family’s accommodation while their child is undergoing treatment.

Visit the Children with Cancer’s website

Refuge – Christmas Gift List

Refuge help women escaping from domestic violence. This Christmas you can purchase a much needed item from their gift list – from winter coats, to lipsticks and gloves there is something for every budget.

Visit the Refuge Website

Buy a Henshaw Gift

Henshaws Gifts are items made by people with a disability. From jewellery, printed bags, greetings cards the charity supports people with disabilities to reach their creative potential and all proceeds go back to fund the work they do.

Visit the Henshaws Gifts Etsy store

Crisis – Pay for A Night in a Crisis Centre

I can’t imagine what it must be like to be homeless at Christmas. You can help buy paying for a night (or more) for a person so stay in a Crisis centre. One night costs £28.18.

Visit the Crisis website

Centre Point – Buy A Gift

Centre Point help homeless children and young adults. On their website you can purchase something for them for Christmas – from a Christmas dinner at £10 to a study pack with room sponsorship for £250.

Visit the Centre Point website

Great Ormond Street – Christmas Stocking Appeal

Sadly, children are still sick at Christmas. Great Ormond Street are asking people to donate money to their appeal but also to send a note of well wishes to the families in Great Ormond Street over the festive period. There is a suggested donation of £15 which will pay for one family to stay overnight in family accommodation, but you can donate whatever you can afford.

More on the Great Ormond Street website

Give RSPB Membership as a Gift

Help the RSPB at the same time as giving a bird lover a great Christmas gift. Members get a welcome pack, free gifts and a regular magazine subscription.

Find out more on the RSPB website

Set up a Giving Tree in your Company or School’s Office

The idea of a giving tree is your company sets up up a tree in the office or school, people then take a tag and commit to buying a gift for that person on the tag. The toys go to children in refuge homes.

Read more on the Giving Tree website

Shooting Star Chase – Children’s Hospice – Amazon Wishlist

If you would like to help a child currently in Hospice care, this is a really nice way to do so. Shooting Star chase have a wishlist of the items they need currently in their hospice, you can buy an item from their Amazon wishlist.

Find out more on the Shooting Star website

Salvation Army – Give a Gift Appeal

The Salvation Army are running an appeal asking people to purchase and donate a gift for a child or a young person (up to the age 16). These gifts will go to someone who might not otherwise receive a gift a Christmas. They have a list of suggested gifts by age group. You can take your donated gift to one of their many drop off centres around the country.

Find out more on the Salvation Army website

Give a Gift from the Unicef Gift Shop

Give a gift where the profits go to help change children’s lives. They have a beautiful selection of artisan gifts, fashion, jewellery and eco-friendly items.

Visit the Unicef Shop

Woodland Trust Dedications

Another idea for an unusual gift for someone this Christmas, you can dedicate trees, benches or even acres of woodland this Christmas.

Visit the Woodland Trust

If you’ve seen any great charity appeals that I’ve missed, please feel free to message me and I will add them.

Charitable Things To Do This Christmas. Ideas of things you can do for charity this Christmas

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