Baby’s First Christmas: 50 Things to put in a Baby’s Stocking

Baby's First Christmas: 50 Things to put in a Baby's Stocking

Baby’s First Christmas: 50 Things to put in a Baby’s Stocking

Trying to come up with ideas to put into a stocking for a baby can be a bit tricky. They don’t need as much stuff as my older children do, but I also know my older two children will expect their brother to get a stocking at Christmas just like they do. When it comes to Christmas gifts in general, but I think this particularly applies to stocking fillers, I don’t like to buy anything just for the sake of it. I like to buy presents that I think will actually get used. So here are so useful ideas of things to put in a stocking for a baby’s first Christmas.

  1. Stacking cups
  2. Comforter / teddy
  3. Night light
  4. Socks
  5. Teether
  6. Arm bands
  7. Dribble bibs
  8. Bunting for their bedroom
  9. Sophie the Giraffe
  10. Pram books
  11. Bath books
  12. Bath toys
  13. ‘First Christmas’ bib
  14. ‘First Christmas’ tree bauble
  15. Moccasin slippers / booties
  16. Wooden car
  17. Finger puppets
  18. Maracas
  19. Flashing light spiky sensory ball
  20. Foil blanket
  21. Nursery rhyme CD
  22. Wrist and ankle rattle bracelets
  23. Baby handheld musical bells
  24. Toy mobile phone / remote control
  25. Toy keys
  26. Bubbles
  27. Bath crayons
  28. Baby bubble bath
  29. Milestone cards
  30. Pot of play-doh
  31. Mini photo album – to photos of their first Christmas in
  32. Rag doll
  33. Small plastic animal or dinosaur
  34. Foot and hand imprint kit
  35. High chair toy
  36. Pram toy
  37. Plastic cutlery set
  38. Rainmaker
  39. Soft blocks
  40. Sippy cup
  41. Bath wash mitt / flannel
  42. First toothbrush
  43. Wooly hat
  44. Mittens
  45. Spinning top
  46. Happyland figures
  47. Amber teething necklace or anklet
  48. Christmas sleepsuit
  49. Hairbrush
  50. Dummy / Dummy clip

If you have a baby who is weaned you could also include a Christmas dinner pouch, mini packets of finger foods, rusks, satsuma, snack pot, rice cakes, raisins or chocolate coins.

I hope my list helps!

If you have older children I have also written a post on 50 ideas for a wooden advent calendar and 50 ideas to go in your Christmas Eve box if you’re looking for some more inspiration.

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