To my Son on his 7th Birthday

To My Son on his 7th Birthday

To My Son on his 7th Birthday

Dear Logan,

Happy Birthday! How has another year gone by already? Seven, it seems such a big age, next year you’ll start junior school and I really feel like I am watching you becoming more grown up and aware of your own mind and choices. Like this year for school you decided you were too old for dinosaur bags and coats and have chosen a plain blue coat and bag like Daddy’s. I’m also not allowed to hug or kiss you at school anymore, you’re too cool for that. I am still learning to let younger Logan go I have to admit, but I respect your choices.

This year you have decided against a birthday party. We did initially talk about a laser tag party, but when we looked at the price and told you we could probably go away for a similar cost. You then got very excited and said you would love to go away instead. So we are going for the weekend to one of your favourite places in the world – Bluestone. You are so excited and have been planning all the things you want to do while we’re there and you and Aria have been playing packing your cases games. On the day of your actual birthday (tonight) you and Daddy are going to a night time disco swim in the Blue Lagoon just you and him and I have to admit I’m a bit jealous, but I know you two will have the best time.

You’ve become a big brother for the second time this year – to your little brother Bodhi and you and your sister are absolutely smitten with him. You dance and sing to him when he is crying to help Mummy out. You like to help out in general, a new thing you have started is getting up in the morning and getting all of the breakfast things out for me, although it has taken me a while to convince you this doesn’t have to be done in secret and you can wait until 7am to do this.

This year has seen you complete year one and start year two at school, you got quite a special bond with your old year one teacher Mrs. Soane and since moving back you still go back to talk to her and share your daily facts with her.  Your love of reading has completely blossomed and you are now on brown books which is a year ahead of your age. But you love to pick up and read anything, so much so I had to watch what books you were picking up off the shelves in our holiday home in the summer. Your current favourite reads are Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – you have read this about 4 or 5 times now I think. As well as the Beast Quest series, anything about cats, you also love a book full of lots of interesting facts which you then quote back to anyone who will listen.

It’s been a bit of a tough time for you emotionally these last few weeks, particularly with your Dad starting a new job and travelling to America for two weeks. You are learning how to process your emotions and it’s a steep learning curve for all of us, but we’ll get through it.

You still love Nerf guns, but I think your favourite of all toy has to be Lego. You play with Lego whenever you get the moment, you like to build models, but I think your favourite thing is to create things entirely from scratch. Jemima is still very much beloved and well cuddled, she even has her own shirt and waistcoat now made by Gran Gran.

In January you started learning how to play the guitar with your Dad and you love it. So much so that you started The Rock Project – an after school club where you learn to play and jam with other children. I think it might be your favourite thing at the moment and I love watching to get better at it and learn.

You still love junk modelling and have been loving this month’s project at school – inventors. I think you may just have created the biggest junk model in your class which is apparently a recycling helicopter. You have also been voted a school council representative this year, which you are very proud and excited about.

You saw a couple of your wrapped presents before your actual birthday and have been convinced that one packed was a Rubik’s Cube. Since spotting it for the last week you have been getting very excited about how you are going to play and complete the Rubik’s Cube. I have a confession to make little man, it wasn’t a Rubik’s Cube, but you have been so excited Mummy had to buy one last minute so you weren’t disappointed!

What a year! What a seven years, you are the little boy that made me a mother, and I am so proud of you. You are such a creative and inquisitive little boy, from your incredible memory for facts, your clever inventions, how you like to squirrel away with a book just like me, to bounce on the trampoline or perhaps more accurately to run in circles around it, you are like a sponge and love to learn about all sorts of things from The Titanic to the rainforest. You’re amazing, always remember that.

Love Mummy xx

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