Having a Pico Dressing After a C-Section

Having a Pico Dressing After a C-Section

Having a Pico Dressing After a C-Section

When I gave birth to Bo I was no stranger to c-sections. He was my third section, my second elective. Before I went for surgery this time, a fellow mum told me about a new type of dressing she had had on her wound that had aided the healing called a pico dressing. It was something I had never heard of, and at the time she had her baby (4 months before me) the community midwife hadn’t actually seen one before. So I think it’s fair to say they’re pretty new. However, on her positive feedback when I went for my pre-op I discussed the option with my doctor.

A pico dressing is an adhesive dressing that comes with a battery pack that has a pump in it, which from my understanding dries out the wound, prevents infection and aids healing. I should state that when I originally discussed it with my doctor, he did say that my BMI wasn’t high enough, but as I had repeated infections after my last caesarean he would put one on. So my understanding is, at the time f my caesarean at least, that the dressing is only available to patients in certain circumstances.

Having a Pico Dressing After a C-Section

The dressing itself was a really big adhesive dressing that entirely covered my c-section scar. To one side was a wire with a battery pack attached. When you’re walking about you need to tuck the battery pack into something so it doesn’t fall to the floor. In hospital when I was just in a gown, I used to tuck it into the side of my knickers, and when I got home the pocket of my trousers. The dressing stays on for 7 days, but to shower you can just unplug the battery pack and then reattach it when it’s dry.

The battery unit is sealed and you can’t get into it to change the batteries or anything. I was actually quite surprised as the midwife was a day late coming to remove the dressing due to a home birth emergency, that them whole pack just died after 7 days. And, when the midwife removed it, she disposed of the entire unit. I had just assumed the battery pack would be reused for another patients, but that’s not the case.

I did have some problems with the dressing in that I started to have an allergic reaction to the adhesive and it itched liked you wouldn’t believe. This was around day 5 and when I saw the midwife for a home visit, she asked me if I could bear with it for a couple more days for the sake of my healing. I did grin and bear it, but I found myself itching all around it and was totally desperate for it to be removed. To say it was a relief the day it came off would be an understatement! I was left with lots of black sticky marks on my skin as the adhesive was so strong, which I was able to remove with an exfoliating sponge in the shower, taking care to actually exfoliate the incision itself!

Having a Pico Dressing After a C-Section 2

Did it work? After my second c-section I got both a bacterial and fungal infections of the scar. The fungal infection kept coming even months after the surgery, all it would take was a hot day. This time around, nearly 4 months post surgery I’ve had nothing, the wound has healed the best I’ve ever healed before. I’ve had no infections, not even through the crazy hot temperatures of this summer, my scar looks really neat and clean. It’s healed so, so well. Actually I’m amazed how well it has healed and even the doctor commented on it during my post natal checks. So it is something I would definitely recommend.

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