Are You Saving Enough for your Children’s Future?

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Are You Saving Enough for your Children’s Future?

Are You Saving Enough for your Children’s Future?

Saving for my children’s future is something I often think about. We try to put some money aside each month, but realistically it’s probably not enough. But not always easy when you have three children, because what you do for one, you want to do for the others. With university fees being what they are now I don’t think there are many parents that can afford to save up for the tuition fees in advance anymore. I know that we can’t, even if we just had one child, but I do want to help my children as much as I can when the time comes. So I have been putting aside money for my children each month into a savings account, the amount varies month by month depending on what outgoing costs we have.

I have been sent this infographic from Shepherd’s Friendly which shows just what costs you need to consider to put aside for your children for when they get older. From driving lessons and university, to a house deposit and wedding and the numbers really are quite eye watering.

As parents, I think as with anything, we just have to do the best we can. I know we can never afford to save up the university fees for our children, but hopefully we can put aside the money for driving lessons and a first car. How much are you putting aside each month for your children?


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