What I’ve Read and Watched in May 2018

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What I've Read and Watched in May 2018

What I’ve Read and Watched in May 2018

Welcome back to my monthly feature where I share what I have read and watched each month.


So for the third month running, I have continued on with reading the Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep. A series about an assassin with elemental magic, who starts off simply killing people for money and then the story moves to her only killing people to help others who are in trouble. I have a particular love of submerging myself in a single series and world with the same characters in book books and TV shows. Gin has very much developed as a character as the series has progressed, it’s a testament to the author’s writing that Gin very much comes across as an assassin who is essentially a good person.

I have read three of the books in the series this month – book number 8 – Deadly Sting, then Kiss of Venom and I am now reading Heart of Venom. Which means that as of the end of May I’m ahead in my plan to read 50 books in a year, having read 24 books – of course, that could all change now that baby has arrived. Not that the number matters I just like to keep track.


Grey’s Anatomy

I’m still loving Grey’s Anatomy so, so much and will keep on watching it I think until I am up to date. I’m now watching season 9. So far it hasn’t been my favourite of the seasons so far, it’s still good, just not a good as the seasons before it.


This is one my husband wanted to watch and had really good reviews. I started off enjoying it, but by the end to be honest it just got weirder and weirder and I totally went off it. So not one I personally enjoyed, my husband on the other hand thought it was great.


This is a great detective series, and I think season 4 maybe even the best in the series so far. There was a few shocker developments and Titus Welliver is a great as the multi-layered and complicated detective Bosch. A great series.



We’ve kind of abandoned watching films a bit this month, partly because in the last stages of pregnancy I have just been too tired to stay awake for most of them. Also there haven’t been any real new releases in May that have appealed to my husband and I.  I have tried to convince my husband to watch The Greatest Showman with me, but he’s not having it, so I will have to save it for one night when he is out. So instead we have watched a couple of vintage films.


A complete classic and I’m talking about the original here, not the remake. If you’ve never watched it, you definitely should.

Enter the Dragon

Enter the Dragon is a film my husband could not believe I had never seen before. So we set about watching it one Saturday evening. He did not appreciate my comments that it was cheesy!

That’s it for me, have you read or watched anything fab this month?

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