My 36 Week Pregnancy Update

My 36 Week Pregnancy Update

My 36 Week Pregnancy Update

As usual I’m about a week late with my updates. As I’m actually turning 38 weeks tomorrow. But, last week I had an appointment at the hospital for my 36 week scan and check up. I was 36+5 weeks by the time I had my scan which also means the next time I am at the hospital – as long as everything goes ok – will be for my pre-op and then my c-section – eek!

The appointment went well, baby is growing nicely and his current weight, at the time of the scan was 6lbs and 2ozs. Which means his projected weight at birth is around 8lbs and he is following the 50th centile line perfectly. Which is really quite unusual for me as my previous two children babies were so big, although the scans are not always accurate so we shall just have to wait and see.

Over the past week my hands have swollen a little, which means I am currently unable to wear my wedding rings. This has happened during every previous pregnancies, but I do hate not wearing them, it feels like something is missing. But my blood pressure and everything else is all normal. The baby has dropped so low and I have a lot of pressure in my pelvis which is really quite uncomfortable, I honestly feel like he could drop out any minute, although I am sure he won’t.

In terms of the house, we’re still in a bit of disarray – my husband is determined to get it all done by the time of my c-section. He is quite a determined person so I have faith! Aria and Logan’s rooms are now decorated and this weekend’s plan is to get Aria’s room straight now and set up her new ‘big bed’ and install all of the accessories. My husband now has his eyes set on the nursery which I didn’t think we would get done in time, but last weekend he proved my wrong and stripped and painted the walls and now there is only the woodwork to go – so fingers crossed! I suspect there may be a few things being finished off during paternity leave. Although I could be wrong. The mess is driving me a bit bonkers – nesting has very much set in! And I have to tell myself it will be worth it in the end.

Now it’s all a bit of a waiting game really to see if baby will come on my planned c-section date or whether he will decide to make an early appearance. Only time will tell. I *think* we have finally agreed on a name, but you will have to wait until baby is born for that to be revealed. Watch this space!

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