15 Things I am Grateful for So Far This Year – April 2018

15 Things I am Grateful for So Far This Year - April 2018

15 Things I am Grateful for So Far This Year – April 2018

I had a friend over the other afternoon. During her visit, I apologised several times for the apparent mess in my house. We’re mid decorating the children’s rooms, the cabin in the garden is being repaired (it’s been a saga), so we have items from the cabin in the dining room to keep them dry, then there’s the usual child bits and bobs that accumulate quicker than you can blink. On top of being 32 weeks pregnant of course too. All I could see was the mess around me, and the things that were wrong. I was essentially focusing on the negative.

My friend surprised me, after one of my apologies she looked at me and said I would kill for this mess. I would love a full, messy house like you have. Sometimes it takes another point of view to make you take stock and look at what you really have. But as a firm believer in gratitude I realised I had for a little while been focussing on the what I don’t have, instead of what I do. And the fact is at the moment in my life I have so much to be grateful for.

So I thought I would share 15 things I am grateful for so far this year. If you are having a negative phase in your life, I would definitely recommend sitting down and doing something like this, as it really helps to refocus your mind on all of the things that are good in your life.

  • I am grateful:
    • That I am pregnant with baby number 3 and I am excited for his arrival
    • For our new house as we very much wanted to move here, and I need to remember that and not overly focus on the work I can see that needs doing
    • That my children are happy, healthy and thriving
    • For my marriage and for a husband that supports me
    • That I was a finalist in the Mum and Working Awards
    • For my camera, which my husband bought for me nearly 2 years ago as a surprise and it is something I take real joy in photographing our family life
    • For friends and family and their offers of help and support
    • For my new sofas and the opportunities that blogging has given me
    • For a week away with family in half term
    • For my Kindle and reading time, I love escaping into new worlds
    • That Aria got a place in the same school as her brother
    • For Logan starting to play the guitar and really enjoying music
    • That my husband is doing really well at work and got promoted to Director
    • For the little things my children do, for the cuddles, the funny things they say, reading stories with them, and the moments you hope never to forget
    • For the NHS and the care I have had so far in this pregnancy
    • For snow days, snowmen, snowball fights and sleigh rides. And equally for days in the garden in the sunshine.

What these are you grateful for so far this year?

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