Pregnancy Update – My 20 Week Scan (and Gender Reveal)

Pregnancy Update - My 20 Week Scan (and Gender Reveal)

Pregnancy Update – My 20 Week Scan

On Monday we went to the hospital for our 20 week scan. I always feel a mixture of nervous and excited before scans. The excitement of seeing the baby again and the worry in case they find something wrong. The appointment was at 10am, which gave us enough time to get the children to school and pre-school and head over to the hospital.

Of course the other exciting thing about the 20 week scan is getting to find out the gender of your baby. Should you wish to. We wanted to with Aria but she crossed her legs and refused to show us, so we also know that it was a possibility we wouldn’t be able to find out. But luckily baby was playing ball, and the results were so vivid the sonographer was 100% sure. In fact, her words were, if that’s not a boy something is very wrong!

Our Gender Reveal Video

On Monday night, after the scan I posted our gender reveal video on my Facebook page. If you haven’t seen it already, you can see it below.

I was a little bit worried about Aria’s reaction as she really wanted the baby to be a girl. But she took it pretty well and we have since chatted about how it’s a good thing as the baby won’t steal her toys, just Logan’s instead.

It’s funny, my husband and I had totally convinced ourselves we were having a girl – no idea why! You know when you get these things in your head? But we are very excited about having a boy – and now we’re trying to come up with a name.

The Scan

The most important part of the scan, checking that the baby was growing healthily and well went well and baby is looking great. At first he was completely in the wrong position, with his spine facing outwards. So, in order to get a proper scan we needed to get him to move. It started with me trying touching my toes and jumping up and down. When that didn’t work, I was instructed to go for a walk and eat something sweet. I had do something very similar with Aria too. After I had done that though the sonographer was able to see the heart and face which she hadn’t been able to see before, and see that baby boy was looking just great.

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5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update – My 20 Week Scan (and Gender Reveal)”

  1. Congratulations! It’s so exciting finding out the gender of you choose to. I remember having to go for a walk with my first at the 20 week scan as he wasn’t playing ball! #bumpsbabies

  2. Aww I watched your gender reveal video. Lovely news! My daughter is desperate for a baby sister but who knows! At the moment I think I’m having a boy (for no particular reason) which probably means that I’ll have a girl since I was wrong both times before #bumpsandbabies

  3. What a beautiful gender reveal your two were very much like my two in their reactions we have the same three genders for our kiddos. I think it’s a great dynamic having our middle child being the only girl so they still get that added extra attention without middle child syndrome. Either way it’s so so exciting and I thank you EVER SO much for linking up and sharing your baby journey with me. I can’t wait to read all about baby boy along side my baby boy on bumps and babies. #bumpsbabies


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