Getting Vitamin D in Your Diet with Petits Filous

*This is a collaborative postGetting Vitamin D in Your Diet with Petits Filous

Getting Vitamin D in Your Diet with Petits Filous

Providing a healthy diet for my children is something I feel really passionate about. I make sure they eat plenty of fruit and vegetables – even if it sometimes means hiding the latter in meals so they don’t realise they’re eating them – and I am also conscious of their sugar intake. I have spoken before about vitamin D and vitamin D deficiency after attending a talk at our local GP surgery about childhood illnesses. Our local GP was concerned about the impact of low vitamin D levels in children and the effect this was having on their growth and development.

 Getting Vitamin D in Your Diet with Petits Filous - cool bag

Why is Vitamin D Important?

You may not know this, but without vitamin D children cannot absorb calcium properly. Vitamin D is incredibly important for bone, teeth and muscle development. Also known as the sunshine vitamin as it is made by a reaction to the sun on the skin. It can also be absorbed through food and supplements. While we all get a lot more sunshine and therefore in the vitamin D in the summer (well maybe not this summer!). As parents, I think it’s fair to say we are very conscious of the sun’s rays and the fact that it can be damaging. Well I know I am, and never like to take mine out on a day out in the summer without sun cream and a hat.

Getting Vitamin D in Your Diet with Petits Filous - Logan on picnic rug

But, this can reduce the amount of vitamin D our children absorb from the sun itself. Then, as adults, a lot of us work office based jobs which means we are out and about less in the sun and that can too can reduce the amount of vitamin D we absorb.

In the UK it is recommended that everyone – not just children – over the age of 4 should have 10 micrograms of vitamin D a day.

How to Increase your Vitamin D Intake?

So how do you manage this? Vitamin D is found in oily fish, red meats, fortified cereals, egg yolks, fat spreads and of course dairy foods. This is where Petit Filous comes in really handy, recently Petit Filous have increased the amount of vitamin D in their pots which now means that one serving (2 small pots or one big pot) now provides 50% of the recommended vitamin D that you need each day. So not only is it a good source of calcium, but now vitamin D as well. Tasty too. Great for children and adults alike.

Less Sugar & Lots of Choices

Something that I am really pleased with as a mother is that Petit Filous have also been working to reduce the sugar in their pots and over the last ten years has reduced the sugar in each pot by 20%. It’s also made with 100% naturally sourced ingredients with no added artificial sweeteners, ingredients, colours of preservatives. Which sounds good to me.

 Getting Vitamin D in Your Diet with Petits Filous - pouch

Did you also know about the different types of Petit Filous that you can buy? From big pots to little pots, fromage frais and yoghurts. We’re a big fan of the pouches in this house as they are great to take out with us as a snack or for picnics. No need for a spoon and they can be kept out of the fridge for 5 hours as well. For the summer the Petit Filous Frubes are also fab, we like to freeze them and have them as a healthier alternative to ice cream.

 Getting Vitamin D in Your Diet with Petits Filous - Logan eating Frube

If vitamin D is a concern for you and your family, then Petits Filous is a great way of getting the vitamin into your everyday diet. It’s also an easy way because it’s tasty too. We have had a lot of them in the fridge since we have been working with BritMums and Petit Filous for this post every day since my son has been asking to have some after meal times.

*Disclosure: I’m working with Petits Filous and BritMums in a paid relationship promoting the #PetitsFilousGoodness campaign about the importance of vitamin D in our children’s diets. Visit for more information.

13 thoughts on “Getting Vitamin D in Your Diet with Petits Filous”

  1. We are big fans of Petits Filous in our house and my fridge too is stocked of them. The pouches are literally the best invention ever, my mum was only saying today on our picnic what a fab idea. Mess free! It’s great to know they have 50% of the recommended amount and less sugar, makes me feel less guilty about them having 2 serving!

  2. I’ve always been a huge fan of Petit Filous – I still love them as an adult! I really believe in the benefits of vitamin D – I normally suffer from winter blues, but I noticed the first time I was pregnant and taking Vit D that it didn’t hit me anywhere near as bad as normal. So I’ve taken Vitamin D ever since! Petit Filous is such a great and easy way to make sure your children are getting their dose – I’ve not met a child yet who doesn’t love yoghurt (not even my fussy eater!)

  3. we love petits filous in this house and I love how many different ways of packaging them there are that make them fun for children. Plus all that goodness they provide without being too sugary . lovely photos x

  4. I make sure that my children have Petit Filous every day without fail, I love that they have vitamin D as it’s something we are short of in this country! I actually really enjoy a Petit Filous myself, when I was pregnant with Eva I used to eat all six in one sitting!

  5. My kids all adore Petit Filous and it is really good to hear they have improved the amount of Vitamin D in each portion. I don’t think there is any other fromage frais brand out there that are quite as creamy and delicious. Mich x

  6. So nice to see Petits Filous being enjoyed so much, great photos! I love that it contains vitamin D as my daughter would eat Petits Filous all day given half a chance. She’s outdoors a lot but wearing suncream or layers of clothes of course has an impact on how much vitamin D she actually gets. Petits Filous is so easy to pop in a packed lunch too although my one is happy to eat it on the move too!

  7. I couldn’t agree more. Monkey loves these but the youngest has a diary allergy so I am having to give him drops to make sure he gets his intake. I think he would much prefer to have one of these though from the look on his face! x

  8. Thanks for posting. Glad your children are enjoying Petits Filous and getting the Vitamin D they require at the same time. Love the cool shades.


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