REVIEW: Brickbox Lego Subscription Service

 Brickbox Lego Subscription Service Review

Brickbox Lego Subscription Service Review

If there was an addiction of choice in my household it would be Lego. My son is quite frankly crackers about it and his Dad isn’t too far behind. It can keep my children, especially my son entertained for hours.

Brickbox Lego Subscription Service Review - contents

Which is why we were super excited to be asked to review Brickbox. Brickbox is a Lego subscription service. There are lots of different plans that you can choose from on their website, the longer you subscribe for, the cheaper the plan gets. Your standard monthly recurring plan starts at £24.99 per month and can be cancelled after one month. The cheapest is £21.50 per month for a 12 month plan.

Each month the box comes with a different theme. The month we have been sent is a jungle theme.

Brickbox Lego Subscription Service Review - Logan reading instructions

I really love the idea of a subscription service, particularly as a gift. There is nothing nicer than receiving something lovely in the post for several months, well after the original event has passed. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. I suspect I am going to be putting one on my list for Santa, although perhaps not Lego!


My son was really, really excited when the box arrived and couldn’t wait to dive in and look at his goodies. Included in the box we were sent to review was the Lego Jungle construction starter set, the Lego Jungle Buggy and the Lego Jungle Quad. It’s something that will keep him entertained for several hours over several days, which is always a winner for me, particularly in the school holidays when I’m a work at home Mum.

The big downside about the Brickbox subscription for me is the price. Out of curiosity, I looked up each item on Amazon to see how much I could buy them for and the combined cost came to £16.98. Which is a big difference from the £24.99 for one month’s subscription.

 Brickbox Lego Subscription Service Review - playing with the Lego

I love the idea of Brickbox, my son was absolutely delighted with his parcel, I think it would make a fantastic gift for any child over 5. If they could just tweak the pricing a little to make it more competitive it would be perfect!

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*Disclosure: We were sent this box for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own.

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