REVIEW: Forest Friend Lottie Doll & Scooter Set & Giveaway

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Forest Friend Lottie Doll & Scooter Set Review - Lottie in the trees

Forest Friend Lottie Doll & Scooter Set Review

We’re big fans of Lottie Dolls in the house. If you haven’t heard of them before, Lottie Dolls are children’s dolls aimed at empowering children to be well, children. They are age appropriate, look like children, dress like children and encourage them to engage in outdoor play. The bodies of the dolls are designed on the proportion of a 9-year-old. And, as a mother, I love this ethos.

 Forest Friend Lottie Doll & Scooter Set Review - Aria with Lottie doll.

Dolls for children should look like children, and toys for children should encourage the outdoors, imagination and creativity. Of course, the obvious comparison is Barbie and as a girl I loved Barbie, so I’m not here to dismiss Barbie, but at the same time, I don’t think all of her ideals are always the best match for young children. What I love about Lottie Dolls is that they are all about children. No make-up, a child’s shape and child’s clothes.

 Forest Friend Lottie Doll & Scooter Set Review - Lottie and Aria in the forest

Aria already has a couple of Lottie Dolls – The Lighthouse Lottie Doll (which has been discontinued) and Muddy Puddles Lottie Doll. For the purpose of this review, Aria has been sent a doll from their new collection, the Forest Friends Lottie Doll. She was also sent the Scooter Set from their accessories range.

As soon as the doll arrived we have to take her out for a little trip. First, we went to the forest. A forest fairy should visit a forest should she not? Then we took Lottie to the park. Lottie went on the swings, slide and the bouncer. Both Lottie and Aria had a great time!

Lottie Doll on the swings

The next day, we got out Lottie’s scooter set so that Aria could try that out. The set comes in parts, a scooter with clip on handles, a helmet for Lottie and a ramp for her to scoot over along with some stickers on a sheet that Aria and I stuck on the ramp together. Aria really enjoying playing with something with Lottie that she herself plays with and it worked well playing in the garden.

 Forest Friend Lottie Doll & Scooter Set Review - Lottie on her scooter

There is one thing I would improve about the Scooter Set. As you can see in the above photo it has little loops that you can clip onto the handles so that Lottie can put her her hands in and hold onto the scooter. These handles were really fiddly, you had to clip them onto the handles, but they really easily fell off. Whenever Aria is playing with them I am constantly being asked to clip them on. I’m actually tempted to super glue them on, but I don’t think they need to be separate clip-ons, it would be great if the handles were just built into the scooter design.

Forest Friend Lottie Doll & Scooter Set Review - Aria playing with Lottie on scooter

We really have both loved the items we were sent from Lottie Dolls. Aria adored the Forest Friends doll and thought she was a fairy. She is a lovely size that means she is really easy for Aria to carry about with her and take on adventures. Despite a small niggle with the scooter set, it’s a great little add on, that encourages imaginative play and is a nice toy that children can recognise that they will play with themselves.

Lottie Doll Forest Friend £18.99

Lottie Doll Scooter Set £9.50


Forest Friend Lottie Doll & Scooter Set Review - Lottie Doll close up

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*Disclosure: We were sent the above items for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own.

105 thoughts on “REVIEW: Forest Friend Lottie Doll & Scooter Set & Giveaway”

  1. Aww we are huge fans of Lottie dolls and love Forest friends Lottie. Aria looks like she loves her very much. I think she’d love Muddy Puddles too. Great dolls x

  2. I love the Autumn Leaves Lottie, she has a fabulous hat and coat to go outside in and I can imagine her kicking leaves in the Autumn.

  3. My four year old daughter would absolutely love the stargazer Lottie she won’t go to bed without saying goodnight to the moon and counting the stars first xxx

  4. I have never heard of Lottie dolls before but I really like the sound of them, and that little scooter set is great for kids imagination and encouraging them to get outside.

  5. They are all so lovely and well thought out for little ones. But I think we’d have to pick Muddy puddles and forest friends as our joint favourites xx

  6. That photo of them on the swing together is gorgeous Laura. We love Lottie Dolls they are so beautifully made and there is so many different choices to suit your child. I love all the accessories they come with too, this scooter is brilliant. x

  7. Stargazer lottie, but this one is very sweet too. Not always feeling intellectual, sometimes play is just play.

  8. What a pretty doll! I have a niece named Lottie and so I always like to buy her these dolls, she loves them! I havent seen this one before but I know she’ll love it! x

  9. I adore these dolls. They are so quaint and sweet! Would love to surprise my daughter with one for her upcoming birthday

  10. Our favorite is the Rockabilly Lottie Doll! Love your pics of your daughter playing with her doll, so very cute! 🙂

  11. Do love the Lottie Pony Club. Phoenix is pony-mad at the moment and we are looking at letting her have riding lessons at a lovely yard near us. Seems she’s caught the “horse bug” from her Auntie Tracy.

  12. I absolutely adore Lottie Dolls – my daughter has said her absolute favourite Lottie Doll is Stargazer Lottie Doll.

  13. We love Lottie dolls! I’m planning on getting some of the Brownie sets for my older daughter who is a keen Brownie!

  14. I love all the Lottie dolls but I have 3 favourites,

    The Forest Friend because she is fairy like and I love fairies!
    Karate Lottie as I have been doing martial arts for nearly 30 years
    Rockabilly Lottie because I just love this style!


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