I’m an Agony Aunt with More Than Home Insurance

*This is a collaborative postI'm an Agony Aunt with More Than Home Insurance

I’m an Agony Aunt with More Than Home Insurance

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Blogging has given me the opportunity to work on lots of cool projects both on my blog and featured on other brand’s websites too. Recently I was asked by More Than Insurance if I would help out on their agony aunt feature.

The idea was that More Than would send me a question around a common problem faced by their customers and I would write my tips to help out. I have to admit that the first problem they sent to me I said I couldn’t answer because it was about gardening and I’m useless in the garden! So they very kindly sent me another one. Which was a bit of a relief.

The question they sent to me was: “I’ve just bought a small flat, which has very little storage space. What are your top tips on storage and tidying things away.”

I think most parents feel this problem whatever size of house they own. I personally think that toys breed when you’re not looking and there are often times I long to throw out every single piece of primary coloured plastic!

It’s astonishing how much stuff small children need. I remember being so excited looking at prams and cots and nursery items when I first found I was pregnant, then of course, you get it home and wonder where on earth you’re going to store it all. Which must be even harder to manage if you are in a flat.

If you want to have read here are my tips to More Than alongside fellow blogger Sally Whittle from WhostheMummy, who shares her advice on how to keep warm in an old and draughty house.

Are there any tips you would add to help parents with storage issues?

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