Our House Move An Update – June 2017

Our House Move An Update - June 2017

Our House Move An Update – June 2017

When I last updated you about our house move things were going well and moving quickly. I did say anything can happen in a chain, and as it often the way with things it did.

We were due to go on holiday the last two weeks of June and had agreed with our solicitor to go in and sign the papers before for exchange with the hope that chain would exchange while we’re on holiday.

Just over a week before we due to go away though sadly, the bottom of our chain collapsed. I could go on about how crap the house buying system is in this country. At the time we were over £1.8k down in costs, and yet the people at the bottom of chain decided they didn’t want to sell anymore and walked away from the chain. For me, it seems to wrong that they could walk away with no obligation and cost a lot of people a lot of money. But this is probably a whole separate rant and blog post.

This meant essentially that our buyer had no buyer. Our estate agents asked the whole chain to sit tight. They took on our buyer’s property – they have previously been with another agent. They advised us that they could sell his property quickly and the quickest way for the chain to complete would be to sell his property and get us all moving again. Thankfully, our vendor agreed to this too.

To say this time was tense is probably an understatement. Before this we had been talking about completion dates, getting removal quotes, we had started clearing through items to get the house ready to pack. While everyone had agreed to sit tight, we were also aware that everyone’s patience wouldn’t be indefinite. Was the house going to sell and we were back on, or were we going to essentially say goodbye to £2k have to put our house on the market again and also potentially lose the house we had fallen in love with?

We went on holiday as planned, and did manage to have a fab time despite our worries. In the last few days of our holiday we had a phone call to say our buyer had a buyer, but unfortunately, the offer was a lot lower than he needed. They were asking all of them chain to consider dropping our prices to help breach the gap and get us all to completion.

However, since this development, our buyer’s original estate agent has managed to get a second higher offer that our buyer accepted early this week. So the move is back on! We’re still waiting for full details, but we’re going to be pushing for a completion as quickly as possible. I am hoping we can move before the summer holidays are over. But we shall just have to see how it goes.

Keep your fingers crossed for us.

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  1. We just moved into our new house on Friday. I’ve never been so stressed in my life! We got the phonecall Thursday at 2:30pm that we were completing the next day! Before that we didn’t even know if we could move on the Friday or not. We had to pay our movers 7 days in advance so took the chance and lucky it paid off as we would have been a lot of money out of pocket! I’ve told my husband we are never moving again! I can’t stand the stress! Fingers crossed for you xx

  2. Oh isn’t it a flipping nightmare?? We’ve been there too and it’s no fun at all. I do hope everything works out for you and you get to move to your dream home soon.


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