Our House Move An Update – April 2017

Our House Move An Update - April 2017

Our House Move An Update – April 2017

Last month I wrote about our decision to move house. A decision we have been deliberating on for a couple of years. Last month we had seen a house we really loved before we had sold ours, or even put ours on the market. Which cued a weekend of crazy tidying, clearing out and a bit of painting in order to get our house ready for photographs and going on the market in order to sell it.

We had 5 viewings organised for the first week we went on the market which was really exciting, and then an offer within 2 days. The offer meant that we were able to put an offer in for the house we loved and after a tense weekend where the vendor wanted to think about the price we had offered, they accepted!

As many people will know, the path to buying a house is rarely smooth sailing and unfortunately within a week of offers being accepted, our buyer lost their buyer. Cue much stress, more viewings, lots of phone calls and a lesson in patience. It took about 3 weeks, but fortunately at the end of last week our buyer got a new buyer and the chain closed.

The most scary thing for me is that the chain we are in is made of of 8 houses, which seems like a crazy amount. It was 9 but the person at the top decided to vacate instead which has helped. There is lots of ways that the chain could fall down or encounter problems. But I have to hope that it will run smoothly and that we will end up in the house we love, I am hoping for the summer, but we shall see.

As of this week I have started our application for our mortgage, paid the deposit to our solicitors, and completed about 30 forms about our house for the buyer.  Today we are meeting the solicitors for our first appointment and I am hoping we shall know more about how long the process is going to take. Everything is crossed – watch this space for more details!

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  1. its such a stressful thing buying and selling a house at the same time and doesn’t help the fact that you are in a chain of 9 parts! I wish you a smooth process and patients on mass! I nearly lost my insanity and we only bought a house with no chain moving out of a rented one!

  2. I wasn’t even in a chain when I bought mine and it was still too stressful! Took 3 months to go through, because our mortgage lender didn’t believe in doing anything digitally…it was all via post, so probably took twice as long as it actually needed to. An email takes 30 seconds, a letter takes 2/3 days.

    We’re currently renovating now, and moving in at the end of the month. Good luck with your house move.



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