6 Books Every Baby or Toddler Should Own

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6 Books Every Toddler or Child Should Own

6 Books Every Baby or Toddler Should Own

As a self proclaimed book lover, there has been nothing I love more than sharing my love of books with my children. From a very young age, I made sure my children had lots of books from black and white ones, to touchy feely ones and musical ones too. If I were to buy 6 books for a new born baby, this is the six books that I would buy them to start off their first little library.

Dear Zoo – Rod Campbell


This is a book that both of my children have adored. I think it’s beauty is in its simplicity. As each page has a different animal and flap to lift, we always change the ending too so that the dog has the same name as our pet dog.

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Eric Carle


An absolute classic, my son can recite parts from this book by heart. I think there are very few of us that do not know the story of the very hungry caterpillar who keeps on eating. It’s also a great story of transformation too.

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Wow Said the Owl – Tim Hopgood


We stumbled upon this book by accident in the book store years ago. I have this wonderful video of my son reciting it. It’s just a lovely book with great repetition, helps children learn about colours and a charming story about a little owl as well.

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First 100 Words – Roger Priddy

first 100 words

My daughter took a little while to get into books, and this book was the first book she really truly took to. She used to sit with it for ages looking at all the pictures and eventually learning the words for all of them. She looked at it and sucked it so much that it did eventually fall apart!

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Teddy Bear Sing-Along)

row row row your boat

This is a fab book my daughter has and my son had the Old MacDonald had a farm version. Both of these books have been loved so much. The book is a musical version of the classic children song, with photographs and different verses on each page.

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That’s Not My Series

that's not my kitten

Another classic this series seems to have every eventuality – my dinosaur, my unicorn, my fairy, my tractor. You name it, this series has it. The books are light for young children and also have lots of fab textures for children to touch as you read.

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15 thoughts on “6 Books Every Baby or Toddler Should Own”

  1. Phew! New baby on the way and fortunately we have 5/6 of these (though a different That’s Not My…). Will definitely need to hunt out that sing along book – I think BookBairn would enjoy it as much as her baby brother! She loves a noisy book! Great post! #KLTR

  2. Oh I was nodding along to these! We haven’t read the row the boat one but have read all the others in some form. I think my girls are too old for row the boat now or I’d buy it. Sad times!

  3. I love the “That’s not my” touchy feely series. They are fantastic books. I have not read row row row the boat yet but it looks like a great one too! Angela x


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