My Dressing Table Organisation Project

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My Dressing Table Organisation Project

My Dressing Table Organisation Project

I am not going to pretend to you to be a home interiors, beautiful blogger, because, sadly with two children, a cat, a large dog and a husband’s main hobby is running every day with said dog in the mud, that is never going to happen. But I do have this dream, that one day it might be!

I love organisational things and being organised, not always (mostly) possible in my house, but I do try! I love a dressing table and for too long our dressing table has been an unusable mess and mainly a dumping ground. Which has meant for a long time I keep my essential make up in a cosmetic bag and usually do my make up downstairs in the morning. This is probably a historical habit that started when I used to work in London and got up early and didn’t want to wake my husband in the mornings.

As a child I always remember watching my Mum sitting at her dressing table and doing her make up each morning. And when we bought the dressing table for our bedroom that was always my intention. To have a place to do my hair and make up too.

This month, I decided enough was enough. I actually started this project before we decided to move house, but has certainly helped with my tidying project of getting the house ready for viewings.

The first thing I did was have a big clear out of my make up. Did you know that a lot of make up has a use by date? When I looking into this, I found this really useful article on Cosmopolitan which explains how long you should keep make up for. Some of the items on my make up bag were well past their best.

Then I used some organisation items to help me store things more effectively. Some of these things I had already bought, so I haven’t bought them all in one go. I have a necklace hanger on the wall for my long necklaces and a little heart craft Logan made me at pre-school, a Polder to store my hairdryer, tongs and straighteners as well as a Lakeland make-up caddy already for some of my make up bits.

But, I decided to add a wooden dressing table organisation box to the table. Which is where I now keeping all of my main make up in now. It’s actually a really good size and stores lots of things neatly, including my husband’s contact lenses.

I got a Little Miss Blogger mug for Christmas which I have now used to my make up brushes and think it looks rather cute there. I have also added a pretty coaster for my morning tea, which normally ends up going cold, so I now drink it while I do make up. Nothing like a bit of multi-taking! You can also see my illustrated copy of Harry Potter which I am currently reading a bit each night with my son.

I know it’s not perhaps as beautiful as it could be, but since I added these changes to my dressing table I used it every single day. I drink my tea, do my make up, the children pop in and out as they play in their rooms and it’s a great a really usable space which I’m really pleased with.

Items featured in this project:

Little Miss Blogger Mug

Polder Hairstyling Station

‘My Necklaces’ Hanger

Lakeland Faux Leather Make Up Caddy

White Wooden Dressing Table Organisation Box 

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  1. I love the box with little drawers. My dressing table looks very neat, as long as you don’t open any of the drawers! I keep thinking about sorting it all out. Maybe the problem would be smaller if I checked the use by dates on a lot of my stuff – a really good tip


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