Stationery Swap February 2017

Stationery Swap February 2017 - my swap 4

Stationery Swap February 2017

I have been meaning to write this post for a couple of weeks and keep forgetting, as I wanted to share as it’s such a fun thing to do. I have followed Jocelyn’s blog The Reading Residence since I first started blogging. And one of the nice things Jocelyn does on a regular basis is something called a stationery swap. The idea is really fun and simple, if you want to take part all you do is agree to send a parcel full of stationery goodies to a person and in exchange they will send one back to you. Jocelyn pairs and coordinates matching people – you can even choose to swap goodies without someone across the globe if you would like to. It is something I have done before, but I haven’t joined in for a while, so when I saw it pop up in my Twitter feed in February, I decided to sign up.

I was paired up with Angela from Adventures in Websterland, although I should state you do not have to be a blogger to join in at all. The budget for the swap was set at £5 which I have to confess I find impossible to stick to.

My Swap for Angela

This is the package I put together for Angela. I have to admit I was quite tempted to keep the bookmark!

The Swap I Received

I was completely taken aback at Angela’s generosity, she sent me a completely amazing package of goodies which I was delighted with. I really don’t know where to start on what I love most out of this gorgeous collection of beautiful stationery. I was completely taken aback by Angela’s generosity and there was no way she stuck to the £5 budget. My package completely made my day.

I will definitely be joining in with one of Jocelyn’s stationery swaps again, she has also hosted a book swap in the past and she currently has a Pen-Pal sign up on her blog if you like to write letters, of course on pretty paper.

4 thoughts on “Stationery Swap February 2017”

  1. Oh what a lovely thing to do. I’m not very good at remembering to do things like that, but I do like to send my books to a friend when I’ve read them as I never read things twice.

  2. I’m so glad you liked it all Laura & thank you once again for lovely gifts. I must admit I wasn’t aware there was a budget but I definitely would have gone over it anyway with so many lovely things to choose from x

  3. I joined in for the first time and received such a lovely package of goodies from Chantelle in Kent – I put a photo on the Reading Residence page. I look forward to the next swap, books or stationery, count me in. Both the packages you sent and the one you received look super, too. I give you fair warning Laura, you had better hide those animal post its when I visit, or they might get kidnapped!!


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