Twelve Awesome Advent Calendars for Women 2016

I do love an advent calendar. But, this year, as I am improving my eating I will be steering away from any with chocolate in. So I thought I would do some research on what cool advent calendars there are out there just for grown ups and wow I was amazed. There are without a doubt some fabulous calendars out there – some of them may threaten to break the bank but what an amazing way to count down to Christmas. Here are twelve advent calendars that you will love.

1. The Ginvent Calendar


Love gin? What better way to enjoy the countdown to Christmas than with 24 different tastes of gin everyday?

£124.95 Master of Malt

2. Bare Minerals Advent Calendar

I love Bare Minerals, I think they are probably my favourite brand of make up. So I think that this advent calendar looks absolutely amazing!


Bare Minerals £75.99

3. Cheeky Advent Calendar


If you like to change the colour of your nails each day. Then how about a new nail colour for every day in the lead up to Christmas?

Cheeky £50

4. Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

yankee-candle-advent-calendar 2016

I love a Christmassy candle, although I am nervous of them now with young children, I do think they smell fantastic. With a different Yankee tea light each day this is a fun way to get your house smelling all seasonal.

Yankee Candle £29.99


5. Virgin Wine Advent Calendar

virgin-wines-advent-calendar 2016

A small bottle of wine for everyday, from whites and reds to Prosecco and port this is a wine lover’s dream. Enough for large glass each day. Lovely.

Virgin Wines £69.99


6. Clarins Advent Calendar

clarins advent calendar 2016

If you’re more into beauty than make up, then you should check out this fabulous advent calendar from Clarins. Worth over £146 you’ll look amazing by the time Christmas arrives.

Clarins £95.00


7. Benefit Advent Calendar


At the slightly more affordable end than the Bare Minerals and Clarins options is the Benefit advent calendar. Still packed full of gorgeous make up goodies. It would make me a happy lady 🙂 .

Benefit £34.50


8. Sterling Silver Echtschmuck Jewellery Advent Calendar



At the luxury end is this stunning sterling silver jewellery advent calendar. It comes with a necklace and a bracelet and 22 Christmassy themed charms and I have to confess I absolutely love it!

Amazon £110.00


9. Personalised Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar

personalised charm bracelet advent calendar 2016

If you love the idea of a jewellery advent calendar but cannot quite reach the £110 Echtschmuck price tag. Then this charm bracelet on Not on the High Street might be a better option.

Not on the High Street £29


10. Harrods Tea Advent Calendar

harrods-tea-advent-calendar 2016

Perfect for tea lovers, what better than a little tea of luxury every morning from Harrods? Also at the more affordable end of these fabulous advent calendars.

Harrods £12.95

11. Lakrids Liquorice Advent Calendar


If chocolate isn’t you thing, then maybe liquorice is. Lakrids make gourmet liquorice produced in Denmark it combines liquorice with lots of different flavours including chocolate, mint and blackcurrant.

Sous Chef £34.95

12. Lindt Blissful Advent Calendar

Lindy lindor advent calendar 2016

Lindt is my favourite type of chocolate. In my humble opinion no other chocolate gets near it. If I had to choose a chocolate advent calendar this would be the one.

Lindt £10.00

7 thoughts on “Twelve Awesome Advent Calendars for Women 2016”

  1. Oh my goodness! You sold me at Gin, then you threw in the wine and I was torn. By the end I needed a gin one, a wine one, a liquorice one, a tea one and a month off work to recover!

  2. Wow, great ideas. I want the Bare Minerals, the Claris, the Benefit,the Lindt, the Tea and the Yankeee candle one!!!!

  3. Ooh it’s the Bare Minerals for me, not to keen on the price though. There would be a lot of make up so I guess that’s the high price.

  4. It’s nice to see a list of calendars that aren’t all beauty as that’s all I’ve found. I’m not into beauty I think out of all of them I’d like a candle one but it’s a little pricey for me!


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