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It’s been a couple of months since I have done a monthly review. Time ran away from me last month after getting back from holiday. We’re now into the summer holidays and I still feel like time is running away from me – anyone else? But I like doing these monthly reviews as it helps me reflect on my goals and see where I am going. I also had a tricky week last week and a problem with my blog hosting which meant I needed to move host provider at very short notice, thankfully all resolved now.

Top Posts

Top Things That Have Made Me Happy

  • I think the most exciting news is my Tots100 rating. This month I moved up over 200 places and I’m not in the top 100 ranked at #34! While rankings aren’t everything, it is lovely when they go up.
  • I wrote a guest post for Maria at Suburban Mum – My Name’s Laura and I Love Handbags.
  • I was featured on Life by Naomi – Brilliant Blogs: Books and Reading.
  • Donna from What the Redhead said wrote this amazing blog post about my blog, I was so touched – What the Redhead Read.
  • In terms of stats, I have seen the following growth:
    • My Facebook has grown from 900 to 1030 (+130)
    • Twitter from 7300 to 7700 on Twitter (+400).
    • On Instagram I have gone from  1470 to 1650 (+180)
    • Which I am pretty pleased with as I know I could have spent much more time on my social media. My goal for 2016 was 8000 followers on Twitter and I am so close now!
  • I have worked with the following brands (with some help from my husband): Pawsome Box, I Heart Wine, Chlo Bo jewellery, Kaya jewellery, Tropics skincare, Yoshi, Heatholders and George at Asda.

Things To Focus on in August

Here are my goals for August:

  • I think August is going to be about getting more organised, I want to schedule in advance and stop writing posts the night before for the next day, I also want to write some more personal posts and less commercial.
  • My social media goals for growth this month are +300 on Twitter and hit that 8000 target, +100 on Instagram and +50 on Facebook.
  • I really need to get back into commenting on other blogs on a regular basis and joining in with linkies, when time has been tight this is where I have had let to things go
  • Organise a guest post on another blog – my aim is to do with once per month.

How about you, how was your July and what are your blogging plans? xxx

9 thoughts on “MONTHLY REVIEW: JULY 2016

  1. You have such s lot of followers! Well done on continuing to grow! I’m with you on goals for August I totally need to get more organised with my blog and getting involved with linkies again. Best of luck for August!

    1. Thanks Sarah it’s so hard to be organised isn’t it? Especially with the summer holidays at the moment – good luck with your goals too x

  2. A huge well done on your Tots ranking, that is such an amazing achievement. Great to set yourself monthly goals, and it’s clearly working for you as you’re doing so well!

    1. Thank you, I was flabbergasted when I saw that score I have to say. I find the monthly goals help me focus and reflect on where I have come.

  3. Your figures are really inspiring Laura, congratulations! I’m so glad you got your hosting sorted – what a nightmare, and the last thing you need! I am also attempting to be more organised – it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who leaves posts to the last minute, but wouldn’t it be nice to not have that panic!! xx

    1. Wow, I ave never thought of myself as inspiring what a lovely thing to say Becky – thank you. I will get organised with my blog posts one day… I will!

  4. Wow what a positive month for you! Your blog is growing incredibly well, mind you i’m not surprised 🙂 Well done and good luck for your August targets xx

  5. You are doing great. I am in awe of your figures well done. My blogging goals I think mainly need to be blog and find where I am at with it have become a little lost xx x

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