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It’s been a couple of months since I have done a monthly review. Time ran away from me last month after getting back from holiday. We’re now into the summer holidays and I still feel like time is running away from me – anyone else? But I like doing these monthly reviews as it helps me reflect on my goals and see where I am going. I also had a tricky week last week and a problem with my blog hosting which meant I needed to move host provider at very short notice, thankfully all resolved now.

Top Posts

Top Things That Have Made Me Happy

  • I think the most exciting news is my Tots100 rating. This month I moved up over 200 places and I’m not in the top 100 ranked at #34! While rankings aren’t everything, it is lovely when they go up.
  • I wrote a guest post for Maria at Suburban Mum – My Name’s Laura and I Love Handbags.
  • I was featured on Life by Naomi – Brilliant Blogs: Books and Reading.
  • Donna from What the Redhead said wrote this amazing blog post about my blog, I was so touched – What the Redhead Read.
  • In terms of stats, I have seen the following growth:
    • My Facebook has grown from 900 to 1030 (+130)
    • Twitter from 7300 to 7700 on Twitter (+400).
    • On Instagram I have gone from  1470 to 1650 (+180)
    • Which I am pretty pleased with as I know I could have spent much more time on my social media. My goal for 2016 was 8000 followers on Twitter and I am so close now!
  • I have worked with the following brands (with some help from my husband): Pawsome Box, I Heart Wine, Chlo Bo jewellery, Kaya jewellery, Tropics skincare, Yoshi, Heatholders and George at Asda.

Things To Focus on in August

Here are my goals for August:

  • I think August is going to be about getting more organised, I want to schedule in advance and stop writing posts the night before for the next day, I also want to write some more personal posts and less commercial.
  • My social media goals for growth this month are +300 on Twitter and hit that 8000 target, +100 on Instagram and +50 on Facebook.
  • I really need to get back into commenting on other blogs on a regular basis and joining in with linkies, when time has been tight this is where I have had let to things go
  • Organise a guest post on another blog – my aim is to do with once per month.

How about you, how was your July and what are your blogging plans? xxx

9 thoughts on “MONTHLY REVIEW: JULY 2016”

  1. You have such s lot of followers! Well done on continuing to grow! I’m with you on goals for August I totally need to get more organised with my blog and getting involved with linkies again. Best of luck for August!

    • Thanks Sarah it’s so hard to be organised isn’t it? Especially with the summer holidays at the moment – good luck with your goals too x

  2. A huge well done on your Tots ranking, that is such an amazing achievement. Great to set yourself monthly goals, and it’s clearly working for you as you’re doing so well!

    • Thank you, I was flabbergasted when I saw that score I have to say. I find the monthly goals help me focus and reflect on where I have come.

  3. Your figures are really inspiring Laura, congratulations! I’m so glad you got your hosting sorted – what a nightmare, and the last thing you need! I am also attempting to be more organised – it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who leaves posts to the last minute, but wouldn’t it be nice to not have that panic!! xx

    • Wow, I ave never thought of myself as inspiring what a lovely thing to say Becky – thank you. I will get organised with my blog posts one day… I will!

  4. Wow what a positive month for you! Your blog is growing incredibly well, mind you i’m not surprised 🙂 Well done and good luck for your August targets xx

  5. You are doing great. I am in awe of your figures well done. My blogging goals I think mainly need to be blog and find where I am at with it have become a little lost xx x


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