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Locket Library Review

Anyone who knows me knows how much of a bookworm I am. I always have a book on, and my kindle is never far from arm’s reach. If I haven’t read anything in a day, then usually it is a sign that something is wrong. This love have recently passed onto to bookish jewellery. Not only do I like books, but of course I like lovely things too! Which of course means I love lovely book things! I am waiting for Tiffany to bring out a book charm, because I will buy it in a snap and add it to my bracelet.

Naturally, I was delighted to be asked by Locket Library to review one of their necklaces. Locket Library make jewellery and primarily lockets inspired by all things bookish. I chose this fabulous silver locket with a quote from Jane Eyre on it.

“I would always rather be happy than dignified.”

locket library close up

A quote to live by don’t you think? The Brontës always have a soft spot in my heart, as my dissertation for my English degree was on the works of the Brontë sisters, so this was a great choice for me. But they have pieces for all types of book lovers from Harry Potter to Sylvia Plath.

The locket itself arrived on a personalised library card which I thought was a really nice touch and would make a really nice gift.

For me, the downside is that it is not silver, and I would love to have the option to upgrade to a silver necklace. This is because I often react to different metals, I haven’t worn this necklace for any long periods of time yet for, so I might yet be ok with this one and it’s a certainly very reasonable at just £8 you can’t go wrong! Which book quote would you have?

locket library on a book

(The astute of you may notice this isn’t Jane Eyre or even a Brontë book… shh but a gold star for guessing the author 😉 )

*Disclosure: Locket Library kindly sent me this locket for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. That is so pretty, I love the idea of putting a quote with it, and also that it is a locket, so presumably you can put a picture (or another quote!) inside. You could get around the fact that it is not silver by putting it on to a silver chain, and wearing it over a top rather than next to the skin. Oh, and the book must be Emma by Jane Austen 🙂


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