Flapjacks, Sick Days, Heartland & Daddy #LittleLoves February 2016

Tent den playing in the house

Flapjacks, Sick Days, Heartland & Daddy #LittleLoves February 2016

I’ve been meaning to link up to this linky for a little while, because I really enjoy reading Donna’s updates from What the Redhead Said. But I wasn’t sure I could commit to it on a weekly basis, but I decided it didn’t matter if only happened monthly, because it looks really fun to join in and write about. I have also found a new blog to read – Coffee Work Sleep Repeat – the linky host.

So here are my Little Loves from February – a little late, but we have been consumed by a sickness bug in this house for the last week, so everything is late! I will start with this lovely picture of my children playing in their tent den in our house during one of the poorly days – a different bug in half term – I’ll be glad when we have some better and can say goodbye to all of these bugs! But they still had a lovely time.


I read three books in February, one not so good one. But my best discovery has been the Pound of Flesh series by Sophie Jackson. Book one sucked me in straight away and I couldn’t put it down. It’s a romance where the lead is a teacher in jail and the hero a inmate in the jail. Trust me the premise sounds odd, but it was great and I quickly devoured the next book in the series straight after.


My husband has been away for most of February, which has meant that I could watch shows that he wouldn’t normally watch. After a recommendation from my sister, I discovered Canadian TV show Heartland. It follows the life of Amy and her family who run a horse ranch to help horses with troubles after the death of her mother. It’s such a feel good show, I can’t stop watching it. As predicted, my husband got back and asked what I had been watching, watched 5 minutes of it and was pretty horrified – but he’s normally out at least two nights a week, so I can keep on with my secret little addiction while he’s out 😉 .


I think I’m behind everyone else on this. But this month has been about Adele’s 25 album.


I’m not a very crafty person. At. All. So this part might be blank some weeks. But I do occasionally bake. In February we baked flapjacks. My daughter is dairy free and I have really struggled to substitute dairy free butter in the flapjack recipe, they kept falling apart. So I reduced the amount of butter by 50g and hurrah it worked! As well as raisins we also added cherries and dried dates so extra fruit goodness.

And Lastly

As I mentioned earlier, my husband has been away for most of February. He’s been home nearly a week now, but before that he has been away for 4 weeks out of the last 5. It’s been a learning curve for all of the family getting used to him travelling in his new job since October, but I feel like we’re starting to get there now. But the best part is seeing these little’s guys faces when Daddy comes home.

reunited with daddy


16 thoughts on “Flapjacks, Sick Days, Heartland & Daddy #LittleLoves February 2016”

  1. Welcome to #littleloves! February was a sick month for us! At the moment we very rarely have a full healthy house (I’m saying this after having another sleepless night with a sick child!).

    The flapjacks look yummy! Hope you are enjoying your hubbie being home. Enjoy your weekend xx

  2. Welcome to little loves, it’s a lovely linky! Aww how lovely to be reunited with your husband after so long, that must be tough. Although I know exactly what you mean about tv shows haha, I have to watch all mine during nap time as mine thinks they’re rubbish xx

  3. So pleased to see you linking up – this was a highlight of my Bloglovin today! I’m glad you’re all getting used to your new routine with Ben working away so much – it can’t be easy. Your flapjacks look lovely! x

    • Ha ha glad to be the highlight of your Bloglovin’ Donna 🙂 I really enjoy reading your posts on it and have been meaning to link up for a while now.

  4. This is my first time joining in with #LittleLoves too! Do you know, I’ve not got Adele’s album yet so you’re more ahead than I am. Your flapjacks look amazing, I could eat those right about now. Looking forward to reading more next time

    • Thanks Emma, I hope you are enjoying your first #littleloves too I shall pop over and have a read and you definitely need to get Adele’s album 🙂

  5. Welcome to #littleloves! Aww your little ones look so happy to see their Daddy! I’m not very crafty either so I never fill the ‘made’ section with anything other than what I’ve rustled up in the kitchen 😉 Hope you’re all feeling better soon. Have a good weekend! x

  6. Welcome to #littleloves
    Your flapjack looks yummy. My little boy was dairy free as a toddler and I was always trying to retweat recipes.
    Have a fab week.

  7. Welcome to Little Loves! So sorry it’s taken me all week to get to you. There’s no pressure to join up every week, just as and when you want to really.
    Those flapjacks look yum, it’s great that you managed to make them dairy free too.
    Hope you’ve had a good week this week xx


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